Editing Pokémon Go Film

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Hi Guys,

I have finished My Passion Project! well basically there are still two days before it is due and it is actually finished but I have completed the editing stage and it is looking good! Mikayla and I have added a few little things into the film that make it cool! E.G, we put in a little pop up Diglet Pokémon on the screen as in one scene Mikayla is attempting to catch one, at the end, there is a film of us walking away into the distance and that is when over the top, the credits will roll.

We used Corel. It is an app that lets you, obviously, put in film clips that will connect into one film that you can add affects to and cut, crop. That is how Mikayla and I edited our film. We have made quite a few films on this software before so it isn’t new, with the experience, we know that if you have lots of space on your computer, it will be fine, but if not, it is really bad because the whole thing Glitches up and you can’t watch anything. Luckily, that didn’t happen to us. There was one problem. When we had just finished our film, someone stepped on Mikayla’s hard drive that held all our footage so now, we are back to square one relinking all of the footage from our film. In case you are wondering, you have to relink videos that you put into Corel if the original footage is moved from it’s first place. It is really annoying.

I think we might use some fast and slow motion near the start and end.


Look out for my Completed Post! Yay! 🙂