IMG_0130On the 25th of August we went down to the Preps to show them how scratch works. My games were mostly racing games but other people had more variety. I was paired up with two girls  and each of them made a new game. One of the games was a dress-up game and the other one was another racing one.


I think that they might forget most of it by the time they are in year 5 but they still might be familiar with they whole program.




We’re preparing games for the carnival. Mine is almost finished and the first level is finished. I reckon that mine will be finished soon. I need to work on the maze part because I’m still a bit not sure about how to make a maze that goes back to the start when you touch the sides. My first level is a race between a dog and cat. The winner goes in to the second level and has to complete a maze.


The main part of my game is to have fun and I think I’ve accomplished that part.






I’ve finally finished my game! It’s about two donuts. There are two levels and the first one is a race of the donuts. the second level is a race in a maze. The winner of both of the levels win.





















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