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My First Reading Rant post will be about a book from a really good mystery series which I enjoy reading. The book is called Nancy Drew and the Message in the hollow Oak.


It is about a girl Called Nancy (obviously) that gets a message from her aunt about a mystery of an old message in a hollow oak. Each of the specific oak trees had a little lead plate on them leading to the next one. The last was suppose to contain a message that tells you where a pile treasure is. She obviously took the opportunity and flew to the place where the first tree was discovered. Once there, she managed to acquire some help from the people at the dig and some of her other friends but even with the extra help will she be able to outsmart the bad guys and find the message before they do?


It is set (like I said earlier) at a dig site where they were recovering old native indian bones. The excavation site is set in a little place called Illinois, a state in the U.S. It’s not very well known because I had to google search it to find where the actual place was or if it was a town, city or even a state like it is. I think it is a really good place to set this type of book because it’s a little mysterious and perfect place for a natural oak to grow like in the book.

I think this is a really great book and if you ever come across it, I highly recommend you to give it try.


Yesterday i finished a book from the goosebumps series called Welcome to Camp Nightmare, by R.L Stine. i love these books because R.L Stine always puts a twist at the end of his books. i find them really captivating an interesting to read and they make me just want to read more!


A boy named Billy is sent to a summer camp called Camp Night-moon. With Creepy Camp Counsellors, no connection to the outside world, a forbidden cabin which they are swarn never to go near or talk about, a traumatized, delusional friend  and no nurse, how will he ever survive? Not to mention that one kid mysteriously vanishes every night and the counsellors pretend that they had never existed!

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!


As i said, it is at a summer camp called Camp Night-moon. It is in a forest near a dessert because in the book it describes it during the bus trip. Inside the Forest there is a row of about severel cabins  in a square shaped little valley thing. to the left, there is a river on the other side of that is the camp Night-moon for girls. There is a dense layer of evergreen trees, hiding the water from view. To the right, there is a camp fire, near the edge of the valley, closer to the dense forest. Straight ahead is the forbidden cabin and diagonal to the right from that is a meeting lodge where they eat. Well, at least that’s how i imagined the layout.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys and exciting read that leaves you on the edge of your seat every time.


Yesterday I finished a great book called Matilda By one of my favorite authors Roald Dahl. I have already read this but it is such a good book I re-read it.


Matilda’s parents have called her some terrible things. Her mother is out doing Bingo all day and her father cheats people to pay more money for cars which in reality, don’t even run right. Truth is, she’s a genius and they’re the stupid ones. She wants to get her payback and while doing so, she discovers she has a special power.


It is set in a small English Village in a cozy house. Miss Honey, her sweet school teacher on the other hand, lives in a small square room that is as bare as a prison cell with a few boxes upturned as chairs and a third one as a table. She can barely afford margarine and bread. The wicked, former athlete Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey’s aunt, lives in a mansion with lots of money and everything that should belong to Miss Honey, literally. When her father died, Trunchbull took custody of Miss Honey and took the mansion and money originally left for her.

I recommend this book to anyone. Literally anyone would love this book because it is just amazing. there is something just magical about Roald Dahl’s books, I just love them.




Hi Everyone,

The book I will be writing about is called The amazing world of Tom Gates! It is by L.Pinchon. It is a humorous book with lots of creative ideas, doodles and it is laid out like a diary. Each chapter is an entry by Tom Gates, the main character.


A boy about 10 years old has a normal life, well if you define Normal life to really wacky family members including his sister Delia who where’s her Sunglasses EVERYWHERE and his Grand Parents who he calls the Fossils. In other words, his life is totally weird annoying. At school he has to deal with one seriously annoying boy called Marcus Meldrew and an equally annoying teacher. The book is basically about his life and how he has to deal with all this along with his band DOG – ZOMBIES


The book is set in a normal, and this time I mean normal, town. It has a school, houses, a park you know, the usual. His house has everything a normal house would have a, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and a living room. Next door, Tom’s best friend Derek and his dog rooster live in a house, much like his own. Their windows are right across from each other so they talk by holding up signs when they are booth in their rooms. Downstairs in Derek’s house, there is a garage where he, Tom and another guy called Norman practice their songs for DOG – ZOMBIES.

I would recommend this book to people my age and under.

I hope I have Informed you enough to make you want to read this book because it is really funny and enjoyable to read.




Hi Guys,

This week I have completed reading a great book called ‘How to fly with broken wings.’ It was recommended to me by my friend Abbi. It is about a boy named Willem and a girl called Sasha who share one thing in common. They both dream to fly.


When Finn tells you to jump, you jump. Willem learned this the hard way. He is being bullied badly at school and the main problem is The leader of a gang called Beckham Street Boyz, Finn Mason. Things get out of hand and soon Willem finds himself being forced to jump off the wall of a school building. One thing leads to another and he jumps, the only person attempting to put a stop to it is Sash Barton. This story sees you accompanying Finn, Sasha and Willem forming a strange friendship after tragic riots between Finn’s gang and their enemy the T-Crew rage through their cosy English town, leaving only the sad, traumatized faces of those who live there. Willem thought Finn had changed, so did Sasha. They were wrong. The story quickly escalates and soon Willem’s own life is at risk.



As I said earlier, This story is set in a cozy little town in England. In the middle, there is a series of flats or apartments which is the Beckham estate. Around this are a few little shops including Willem’s friend’s shop, Bernie’s Burger Bar and Mr. and Mrs. Patel’s New Agency. To the left is Tarkey House, Where the T-crew live, and to the right is a hospital with a park nearby. That is mainly anywhere that is mentioned in the story.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and barely put it down all week so far! It was so engaging and had me hooked the whole way through. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read about friend-ship, real life situations or just generally heart warming stories that pull at your heart strings and convey strong emotion.

I would recommend this book to anyone my age and up because it is engaging and the way it is written, it would suit either kids, teens or adults. If you ever find a copy, presumably in the library, I strongly suggest you pick it up and give it a try!



Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to be telling you about a book I have just finished reading called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It has been an amazing going through everything with the characters. The way this book has been written, it has taken me on a journey through everything with Harry, Hermione and Ron, the three main characters. Now I am going to tell you all the details to hopefully convince you to read this engaging novel.



This I set in England, somewhere close to London. It states in the book, that a couple of times, I it sonly a drive away from London but I don’t exactly know where. Harry’s home is an ordinary house in a little place called Privet Drive, like a street but a little different. The main part of the whole story/series, is Hogwarts school of Magic. It is a big castle a train ride away from Kings Cross station, in a mountain range near a massive forest. Right next to the castle, there is a little hut where the game keeper (Hagrid) lives. There is a village called Hogsmeade which is the only full Wizarding village in all of Britain, it says in the book. Everything is set in quite a big kind of clearing in the middle of a vast mountain range and forests.



This novel’s storyline/plot/problem starts when Harry’s name is drawn out of the Goblet of Fire, which means that he has to participate in the highly dangerous and extremely Mind blowing competition of the Triwizard tournament. . He has to verse people 17 years and over when he is only 15. It doesn’t help that the untrustworthy writer/journalist for the Daily Prophet, like the advertiser, is spreading rumors about him and his friends. The plot thickens as it dawns on Harry that someone, no doubt a great wizard/witch, had putt this name in the Goblet to possibly attempt to kill him. Will he survive? Will he find out who did it? Read to find out!


It is really hard to sum up this book as it has been such a great read and I think this has to be my favorite book I have ever read so far. I would recommend it to anyone from children to adults if you like fantasy novels. Look out for my next reading rant about the fifth book in the series which I am currently reading – Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix.



This Week I just finished a new book called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children by Ransom Riggs. Today I am starting the second one in the trilogy called Hollow City. The book is about Miss Peregrine, and a teenager’s desperate search for her and the children’s home she runs. But this is no ordinary children’s home she runs, it is home to 9 children with unusual talents/disfigures. You might call them peculiar or even dangerous. They live in something called a loop, a day that will repeat over and over again for years so they can be kept safe from the monsters called Hollows (short for Hollowgast), and the wights. They used to be peculiar children just like the ones in Miss Peregrine’s home except that they grew bored of the same day repeating over and over again that they found a way to become immortals, to live forever. To complete the transformation, they must use peculiar children in a very gory way. Read to find out more.



This book is set in a little island in wales which is where the home is. It is very cold and wet and storms a lot. It is called Cairnholm. I don’t know if it is real or made up. It is quite small and doesn’t really have that many people living on it. In the loop on the grounds of the children’s home, it is September third 1940 so it is also on the island but completely different in setting and kind of everything.  Another setting is the place that Jacob, the main character, lives. I think it is in America and his family is quite rich so he lives in a massive, impressive house.


What I think about the book


Out of Ten I would rate this 9/10 because it was great but at the start, it was a bit boring and you kind of had to get past the bad parts to get to the rest of the book which was great.

This book would fit into the genre of Fantasy, action and adventure. Fantasy because of the monsters and peculiars, action and adventure because of the adventure that Jacob goes on to get to the island, find the children’s home, fight the Hollowgasts and wights.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventure book with monsters and a few creepy photos that are actually genuine.




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