Author Inquiry




Hi everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing with you the research I have been doing about Jacqueline Harvey, the author of a book I am reading at the moment. It is called Alice Miranda at the Palace. Two other books written by her are the Clementine Rose series and her first book, The sound of the sea.

Here are some interesting facts about her.

  1.  She is most famous for her two book series Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose.

2. Her first series, Alice Miranda, was originally meant to be a picture book.

3. She lives in Sydney and is planning to write more books in the Alice Miranda and Clementine Rose series.

4. Her Hobby is to play golf in exotic locations.

5. It wasn’t until November 2012 that Jacqueline Harvey became a full-time writer.

6. She grew up in Camden NSW which then was  a small, rural town south-west of Sydney.

7. She usually writes in the genre Juniour Fiction – ranging for people from 7-12 years old.

8. Jacqueline Harvey’s goal is to write entertaining, high quality books that children around the world will genuinely enjoy reading.


She is a great author and I recommend you read one of her books, picture book or one of the series she has written, I think that either is good. Jacqueline Harvey writes to kids our age up to adults – Picture story books AND novels as well as series books.



Passion Project Production

Hi Everyone,


I have finally reached the production stage of my passion project! I have planned and brainstormed up to this point to actually create my passion project. I have 4 paintings which i have pinned to my pin board with white paper underneath them so that i can write anatations about each painting next to it and tips on how to do a good watercolour painting. I have based them on the beach, the great ocean road, flowers and the Sydney harbour bridge.

The hardest part was finding the inspiration for the painting and actually painting it. It was hard because i couldn’t think of any topics that were not easy or hard to paint and that looked good. Painting it was hard because i had to try and get the right colours and perspective for the certain types of scenery and get the proportions right so everything looked realistic.

I overcame the challenges by thinking of paintings i have done before and using that as a starting point to create one using the same idea but differently.

Some good things went my way though! I got the perfect colour for the water in the beach scene and a good gradient in the great ocean road scene. I loved the way i got a great colour gradient between blue and yellow for a sunset.

Overall it was fun, challenging and educational. Look out for my next post about getting Feedback on my Passion Project!

Watching Words



Hi Bloggers,

Today I am going to talk about words. They don’t sound interesting but trust me, they really are. There are so many different ways you can vary them and it is just amazing what emotions words you can feel just by hearing a bunch of them all together, skillfully made to make you feel that way. But there are some particular words I am going to be paying close attention to. These include Malignant, Repugnant, Deter, Ambivalent, Automaton and Biennale all from the book The Clock work Three, which I have recently done a different post about. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Malignant – Full of hate with and a desire to harm


2. Repugnant – Distasteful or un Pleasant



3. Deter – To discourage or prevent from doing something



4. Ambivalent – Having opposite or conflicting feelings about someone or something




5. Automaton – A mechanical device made to imitate a human being



6. Biennale – An exhibition usually of art shown every two years



These words are so cool I thought you would like to see them. Once again I recommend this book to children my age up to adults because it is kind of grown up but also written for my age group. If you like books based in an older age that fit into the genre historical fiction or just normal fiction, than this is for you!



Hello Bloggers,


Today I am posting about events that I have read in a book. I will be ordering them and they from 1 to 10. The book I have chosen is called Punchlines. It is a book by Oliver Phommavanh  . He visited the school last year and did a talk about his books. They them put them for sale at the Library and I bought one.

  1. The main Character Johnny Khamka realises that yeah, he did like to make people laugh for fun, but now he wants to take it  professionaly and become a comedian.
  2. His homeroom teacher announces that there will be a comedy competition and that they will be entering a couple of people if they wanted to.
  3. Johnny is ecstatic about the comp and has come up with a few lines already.
  4. Finally the day is here, The funny Bones Comedy Competition. Johnny kills it and the crowd love him. He’s through to the next round!
  5. Johnny starts working on his routine for the second round and makes some jokes about his friend Razeal and his girlfriend Kristen. He has also started going to to a club called the Jokey Pokey to get some experience with stand-up with out his dad’s permission.
  6. Johnny is so fed up with his family friend Josie’s Boyfriend Ken that he decides to make another mean joke about people he cares about and puts it in his set for the next round.
  7. After going behind his dad’s back for a while, he is caught and banned from the Jokey Pokey AND THE FUNNY BONES COMP!
  8. Johnny is really annoyed and fed up with his dad and goes to the comp anyway with his mum’s permission and not his dad’s
  9. His routine with the mean, terrible comments doesn’t go down well with his friends or the judges and doesn’t get through to the finals. On the other hand, he wins his dad’s opinion over and now has both parents supporting him.
  10. Finally Johnny gets Razeal and Josie to forgive him, even though he doesn’t get though, he is happy because he has balanced out his life and know’s what he is going to continue with in the future with EVERYONE helping him along the way.

I hope you would consider reading this book because I think it is a great book. I didn’t give all the details so if you read the book you won’t know exactly what happens.

Catching the Reader


Hi Bloggers,

Today I am going to talk about what draws a reader to pick up a book and read the blurb. I’m talking about the colours, the title and what hooks you. I seem to like bright colours and patterns. I like things that stand out or grab my attention. The book I am going to look at is called Clockwork Three. It is about three people who are completely different but their destinies are intertwined. It sounds really confusing but if you want to know more, get the book!


The reason I find this cover so enticing is because just the way they have put the three characters in the front and making it 3D so they are looking at something. The detail adds to the fact that it IS a detailed book.


Getting started on the title, I can’t get over how cool it is that the author has put the characters, three of them, into the title Clockwork Three and how they put the Clock part into the cover and mini blurb with the gears in the cover an din the blurb it says.. ‘ Their stories come together like the turning gears of a clock.’ I thought that was really interesting.

There really isn’t anything I would change about this cover I think it is perfect.

I hope you feel like reading this book now because I really like it and would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or historical fiction books.

Powerful Sentences


Hello bloggers,

I found this Powerful sentence in a book I am reading called Wild Wood and thought you would be interested to hear it.

A powerful Sentence is just a bunch of words that convey a message to the readers or stands out from the rest of a book. It was hard to pick between these sentences because the paragraph was filled with powerful sentences so I will write the paragraph and highlight the one sentence.


The Individual birds were now indiscernible from the mass, and the murder coalesced into a single, convulsive shape, blotting out the flat light of the afternoon sun. The shape swung and bowed in the air, and the noise of their beating wings and screeching cries became deafening. Prue cast about, to see if anyone else was witnessing this bizarre event, but she was terrified to see that she was alone. And then the crows dove. Their cry became a single unified scream as the cloud of crows feinted skyward before diving at a ferocious speed toward her baby brother.



I think this sentence is so powerful because of the way the author described the crows and the similes and metaphors they used made it really strong. The words they used put a really good picture in my mind

I know I left you on a cliff hanger on that paragraph but if you want to know what happened, get the book!

Forsensic Science Camp

Set open book about science. Signs and symbols of science on a white background.

It all started with the murder of Jane Smith.

I won’t spoil too  much if you want to go next year. I will just state the layout and what we had to do. Everybody was given three sheets. The first one shows where they found the evidence and where all the furniture and the body was positioned. The second one has all the characters and their business with Jane smith. It was divided into sections for who had a relationship with her, who came forward with info, who came with her as her friend or who shares her cabin. It also lists everyone who works on the cruise ship like the captain the barmen and the CCTV controller.


We had to test the DNA and analyze the fingerprints to find who did it. There was quite a lot of evidence to analyze so we went in partners to do tests and write down the info we got. The third sheet was used to write down our answers and info from the analysis and the tests.

When we had a bit of an idea of what happened, we  had to interrogate the suspects to try to get the information or to make them confess.


Once this was done, we thought about everything we knew and had to try to put the pieces together. It took a lot of thinking and we often had to refress our brains with lateral thinking quizzes but we got there.


Like I said earlier, I won’t tell you everything incase you want to go next year so I won’t tell you who did it.


I really think anyone would like this because it is SO fun and really creative and cool. I would mostly recommend it to people who like mystery books or movies or just like solving crimes.






My Easter

For Easter I got a rabbit Onzie, a t-shirt with a rabbit on it, a t-shirt with a dog wearing glasses on it, a new pair of jeans, a new pair of PJ’s and a book along with a whole lot of chocolates from my parents and family. it was a great Easter.

Me as a Reader

Me as a Reader

My favorite genres are mystery, diaries, comedy and just any good book. I read in my spare time and LOVE it! I think reading is a choice for people to be what they really aren’t. If you have a boring plain lifestyle, books take you on an adventure from time travelling around space to crime fighting and mystery solving. It’s a great way to get your imagination going before bed or to just take yourself somewhere that nothing ever has before.

My favorite authors are really hard to choose because there are so many. Paul Jennings, Jacqueline Harvey, I can’t even think of them all straight off the top of my head. I only just learned today that Jackie French has dyslexia and all her words are jumbled up and so confusing that the editors have to feed through it all to make it readable to her fans. Personally I think that is pretty amazing. It just goes to show that if you truly love something, and have talent for it, nothing can get in the way of that.

Reading is good because in a movie, you can’t use imagination. It is set on the screen and only uses your eyes to watch. Reading uses imagination (brain/mind) eyes (to follow the words) and your limbs (to hold the book or to turn the pages). Reading is an experience you clearly can’t get from watching a movie.

My reading preferences (books, kindle etc.) are probably kindle (digital book) normal book and on my I-pad on I-books. Whether you’re readinga href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-484″>snoopy-typing-clip-art-1650015