Production Of My Passion Project!

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Hey guys!

I finished the production of my Passion Project but it wasn’t easy! Here is the WHOLE journey!

First, my partner Samantha came over to my house to begin creating the dog toys, cat toys, dog biscuits and collar tags. First, we went out and bought the little things we needed to use. This was craft glue, fabric squares, wool, sticks, clay and paint.

The first thing we decided to create was the clay figures to put in a fish bowl/tank. Once we had just started to mould the items, we thought of something that we hadn’t even noticed before then that was quite obvious. The paint and clay could poison the fish! We were just like, DUH? HOW HAD NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF THIS! So, for that day, we were trying to find out another thing linked with animals using clay that we could do instead of the fish bowl décor! We decided on creating little dog collar tags painted rainbow and with the names written on them. The rest of the day was used to create a batch or two of dog biscuits and we found the instructions for a good recycled t-shirt dog toy that you can DIY. We tried to make them with some od clothes of mine but it was extremely hard to cut the strips we needed straight. That was all the time we had that time.

The next weekend, we make a netter batch of dog biscuits since the last was quite burned, this time we made them all by ourselves, we used the fabric squares to create strips, and made two different designs, one was just the braided straight toy, and the other was a circle braided toy. Basically, they are just knotted at the end, braided all the way down, and knotted again at the top. the circle one is the same but you tie the top and bottom ends together to make it a loop shape. they were quite easy to make. Then, we made some cat toys by getting the sticks, making some pompoms and attaching them to the end with a little bell for the cats, and then tying them to the end of the stick using craft glue and some sticky tape over the top to secure the pompoms to the end of the stick. Then, we made the dog collar tags in all shapes and sizes. we took some photos and videos of us making everything, the finished product, and some pics of my dog playing with the toys and eating the biscuits.

The last time, when we finished the project’s production stage, we painted and named the tags and put together a short film of all the footage we filmed and took photos of.


The whole process was pretty successful except for the minor issue at the beginning!

My favorite part was creating the cute name tags because it was so much fun to mold, shape and paint the little shapes.

Now, all we have to do is to edit the film and put it together properly and then we are finished!

3 thoughts on “Production Of My Passion Project!

  1. This post is really detailed and I like all the information you’ve put in. Your project sounds really interesting! Maybe next post put a picture in of your products? Good job!

  2. I agree with Emmy – this post is very detailed! I would recommend having an image of some of the products you’ve created since you’re not making a film, it might be a good idea to add in!

  3. Hmmmm… slight hitch in your planning, but lucky that you realised before it was too late for some innocent unknowing little swimmers. 🙂 I love your last minute improvisation and flexible thinking in adapting your product to something … less harmful. Great work! I can’t wait to see your creations!! 🙂

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