Finally Complete!

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Hey Guys!

I have finally completed my Passion Project with Samantha! I have been working on it all term and i have finished it at last! It has been good but there have also been some harder sides to it.

The project kind of turned out the way I intended because all the things we made were how I wanted it, same as the film, except we didn’t get ALL of the things I originally intended. We ended up doing about half as many things as I wanted because of the lack of time and material. Overall, it was great and I really like the way everything turned out.

I reckon that I have done a pretty good job at the organisation of how to get together all the weekends to get everything done. We have been pretty good at organisation and the making of the products. It was so fun!

Next time, I probably could of worked on making more of the items because I only made about three or four of each and I guess I could of made more. I also could of done more research before I started to make the products because half way through, I had to change my plans because of something that I hadn’t even thought about before then. If you want to know what it was, check my older posts.

I learned how to thin ahead more and how to actually make a dog toy! I also learned a heap of stuff along the way but I can’t recall it all now!


Next time, I probably would of improved on what I said I needed to improve on earlier!


Looks like this will be my last Passion Project post for the year! Bye!ūüėú


Feedback On My Passion Project

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Hi Everyone,

I have finally completed my ¬†passion project and now, I need to know what other people think about it. The people ¬†who gave me feedback were Mikayla, my brother, and my dad. First, I actually can’t imply the feedback since I have already finalized the project’s film so I have only taken into account the feedback so that next ¬†time,I know what I need to work on.

I  am only going to mention some of the feedback that Mikayla gave because she gave us feedback more than once at different stages. Since it  is now finished, I will give you the newest comments.


She said  that next time, I could maybe take more footage of us making  the actual things like a time-lapse. She also said we could of narrowed down our ideas earlier because we had  to modify  our ideas along the way a lot.


My dad said the same sort off things except he also said that maybe to make it easier for us, we could chose  one of the items we made but also make a film about it and just add more detail. I thought that was a good idea and I will be taking  that into account next time I get to chose my homework like  this.

And  my  brother just agreed with what the others said.


Like I said earlier, I kind of can’t change my project now since it has already been ¬†completed so I am just taking this into account for next time.

Until next time, Bye Guys!

Production Of My Passion Project!

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Hey guys!

I finished the production of my Passion Project but it wasn’t easy! Here is the WHOLE journey!

First, my partner Samantha came over to my house to begin creating the dog toys, cat toys, dog biscuits and collar tags. First, we went out and bought the little things we needed to use. This was craft glue, fabric squares, wool, sticks, clay and paint.

The first thing we decided to create was the clay figures to put in a fish bowl/tank. Once we had just started to mould the items, we thought of something that we hadn’t even noticed before then that was quite obvious. The paint and clay could poison the fish! We were just like, DUH? HOW HAD NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF THIS! So, for that day, we were trying to find out another thing linked with animals using clay that we could do instead of the fish¬†bowl d√©cor! We decided on creating little dog collar tags painted rainbow and with the names written on them. The rest of the day was used to create a batch or two of dog biscuits and we found the instructions for a good recycled t-shirt dog toy that you can DIY. We tried to make them with some od clothes of mine but it was extremely hard to cut the strips we needed straight. That was all the time we had that time.

The next weekend, we make a netter batch of dog biscuits since the last was quite burned, this time we made them all by ourselves, we used the fabric squares to create strips, and made two different designs, one was just the braided straight toy, and the other was a circle braided toy. Basically, they are just knotted at the end, braided all the way down, and knotted again at the top. the circle one is the same but you tie the top and bottom ends together to make it a loop shape. they were quite easy to make. Then, we made some cat toys by getting the sticks, making some pompoms and attaching them to the end with a little bell for the cats, and then tying them to the end of the stick using craft glue and some sticky tape over the top to secure the pompoms to the end of the stick. Then, we made the dog collar tags in all shapes and sizes. we took some photos and videos of us making everything, the finished product, and some pics of my dog playing with the toys and eating the biscuits.

The last time, when we finished the project’s production stage, we painted and named the tags and put together a short film of all the footage we filmed and took photos of.


The whole process was pretty successful except for the minor issue at the beginning!

My favorite part was creating the cute name tags because it was so much fun to mold, shape and paint the little shapes.

Now, all we have to do is to edit the film and put it together properly and then we are finished!

Zoo Conservation Film Reflection

Hi Everyone,

In the first week of term, the year 6’s started another film project. This time, we had to use this film to persuade others of something, to do something. We had the task to create a conservation film for one of the ten SOS animals on the zoo website. The SOS 10 stands for save our species, as it consists of 10 endangered animals that are in desperate need of help. To chose which animal we were going to lend our voice to, we went onto the zoo website and looked at some facts, videos and statistics about how long the animal will live for. Some of these animals were the Australian Fur seal, the Baw Baw frog, the gorilla and the Tasmanian devil. I chose the Tassy devil as I have always loved them and they are native to Tasmania and no-where else.

Once we had decided which animal our film would be representing, we had to research some facts about the chosen animal and start to construct our scripts for our voice overs. They had to be convincing, entertaining, powerful and we had to make our audience care about the chosen animal, in my case the Tasmanian Devil. Once we had written a persuading script to the best of our abilities, we were to go on an excursion up to the Melbourne Zoo to collect footage of our animal and to possibly speak to the enclosure keepers to gain some more knowledge and facts for our scripts.

Once we were at the zoo, we split into our animal groups and headed off to the enclosures, casually stopping to look at the other animals! On our way there, we went to a small workshop that all the groups attended to do with our animals, and others. We didn’t really learn anything new from the workshop as we¬†had already done a heap of research before leaving that morning. Everything went well until we actually reached the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. When we got there, the devils were no-where to be seen. Not one was visible even sleeping. We realized that Tassy devils are nocturnal, so they were all asleep in their little burrows under logs. Even with no animals, we still were required to film a PTC (peace to camera) at the sight were the devils were held. We got to work and in the middle of one of our takes, a little head and body waddled out and started to sunbathe right in front of us! it wasn’t moving but we were still pretty excited! We took some pictures and then it went back. That was all we saw of the devils that day.

When we got back to school, we had to dump all the footage onto our computers and the next day, start to edit and put our conservation films together! Since we had no footage of the Tassy devils, we only had to load off the PTC and start to look for some videos and photos on the internet. When we had collected enough to cover our script, we had to practice, practice, practice our scripts so we were ready to record our voice overs. Once we had that step over, we put our recordings, photos and videos into Corel, an app that allows u to edit and produce a film, and to start to peace together the audio, with music and line up the footage to make sure it all flows. I was away on the Monday of last week so I missed out on some time when I was scheduled to record so I was put back on having to actually practice and record my voice over, put it into my film, make sure it flows and THEN have my first finished draft done.

Since everyone had completed their first draft already, when the sharing session of the first drafts came along, instead o getting feedback from 5 people which I needed, I had to just walk around and give feedback myself. This held me back even more. So I had to work extra hard at home to make sure that it all fitted and got some feedback form my friends in the morning.


This is how I managed to create my film. Now that it is finished, I would like to show you it and insert all the positive feedback I got at the very end about this film. Some or all of the films will be put on the zoo website as the whole point of this project is to raise awareness and make a change.


Please comment if you have any feedback!


I love your film, it made me care for your animal РSamantha

I really like your film and the photos and your voice overs are very good and you made me care about this animal РMilly

Good facts you used. Great footage. The music you used worked well, you made me care a lot about this animal – Steven

Good, it mad me sad that these animals are dying out- Sophie

I really like the music and how you stop then start it. I think that the zooming in and out fits well with the pace of the music. It made me really care about your animal- Emmy

Your voice overs were where really good and I liked how you displayed your message. Your facts where really good and the images and footage where very powerful. -Mikayla

Well done the facts are sad that makes your care about it, good job -Harriette

I think you had a really good message that came across strong. Your music was really nice and complimented your footage and your script.-Mary B.

I really like your script and it is really powerful. and the music really matches the mood. -Sophie

I loved your P.T.C and how you found very confronting images -Lily

This film was intriguing and visually stunning. All the imagery you used was flawless and your video had heaps of emotion. The voice over was also really easy to understand which made the film more effective.-Bailey G

I really like how you added powerful images and had clear voice overs.-Henry

Your videos, voiceovers and music is good- Ellie

Your Facts were really good, it made me sad, it was very touching and made me want to help. great job Emmaline-Tilly