Planning my Passion Project

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Hi Everyone,


I have decided on what I will be doing for my passion project, and now I have to plan for what is next to come, the production stage.


To prepare for producing the crafty things, we had to write up a list of everything we will need and what on that list we have to buy and what we’ve already got. We have about a 3rd of the things but also need the ingredients for the pet treats. We have the recipe for that and the materials for everything else. Here are some pictures of all the planning sheets we have used to get our thoughts straight and the final checklist for what we have to buy.



Sorry about the last image being blurry.

These is the recipe for the dog treats.


Here are the Prices we will be selling the items for:


In the production stage, I am looking forward to the arts and craft bit because it is really fun and I like getting creative with the designs and paint. The specific one I am excited for is the dog beds because we will be making it like a sort of mini kennel bed thing. It will be fun getting the wood and, with the help of Samantha’s dad, nailing it together, painting it and stitching the pillow part out of fluffy fabric. It is my favourite one. I think the most challenging part will be when we sell the items because I am not sure if any of it will sell and fitting in all the things we need to make into the few weeks we have.



Planning is the most important stage in a project so we have been working hard to get as much stuff planned for that we can so when we have to make it, we will be on top of things and ready to get right into it. We have organised what we will need, when we are seeing each other and who will be helping us, where and why. I hope it is enough to get a great outcome!



Watch out for my next post about how it all goes and if my planning and hard work pays off.


Term 4 Passion Project! – What am I planning?

Hi Guys,

For my term 4 passion project, I decided that, to make it more fun, I would partner up with someone in my class (Samantha).

This is the Criteria:




Our idea was to use our skills and passion for art and crafting things and animals, we would create some little pet accessories like dog beds (stitched) possibly food bowl (made out of air-dry clay and painted) cat toys, little bird treats and some other things. I thought for the food bowls we could use air-dry clay and then mold, shape and paint. For the dog beds we could buy some really soft, fluffy material to cut, stitch and sell. For the cat toys, we could like, get some feathers, fluffy material and stitch and create a little mouse to connect to the end of a stick and do the same by connecting feathers to the stick. For the bird treats, we could put together some oats, seeds and goose fat like we did at year 4 camp to create some small or big bird treats that you can hang from a tree if you want.

I am really excited and looking forward to making the items because the instructions look really fun and easy. It will be fun to create different designs and ways of crafting cool stuff to raise money for a good cause especially since I love animals so much.

The point/message of this project is to explore your passions and have a deeper understanding of them. The point/message of MY particular project is to raise money for the RSPCA and to learn some new craft skills that I don’t know how to do.


This is my schedule used to plan out all my time leading up to  the due date. I have also put in what I would be doing each week blog-post wise. AKA which post I would be doing about what each week. Here it is:




Stay tuned for the rest of my Passion Project posts. Until them, Bye!

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