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On Thursday, the second last day of term, the 4, 5 and 6’s participated in choice day. Basically, you had to chose one out of about 11 activities and for periods 3 and 4, you went to your chosen activity with the specific teacher and did that until lunch. My activity was Sewing. My first preference was to do the mosaics where you have to smash up tiles to make pictures with, but I got put in the sewing group. I was a little bit annoyed about that since the athletic people who were in Mosaics couldn’t do it so I could of. Then I just though, it can’t be that bad, even if I don’t know how to sew, so I went.

The 11 activities were sewing – it said in the description that it would be sewing while socializing with friends, SimCity – where you had to save the city from pollution on a simulated game, Gardening – where you had to garden and make cubbies, Long Division – literally how it sounds, Knitting – just knitting, Flight school – teaches you how to fly a drone, Bottle rockets – where you have to make and launch bottle rockets, Acting out – you have to come up with a solution to a problem and act it out, and a few others.

In the end, when I went, we hardly did any sewing. It was mostly just cutting our shapes, ( the most common were butterflies, doves, circles and squares.) then using a sewing machine to turn them into a Mobile. It was still really fun but It wasn’t what the description was and I was a little bit annoyed that we hardly did any actual sewing by hand or anything. The activity involved us using templates to cut out paper shapes (double sided) until we had about 7 or 8 different double sided paper shapes, then we had to learn how to use the sewing machines to sew them together to make a little mobile to hang horizontal or vertical.

It was fun to mingle with the other year levels and teachers. I liked how we got to chose what we were doing even if at first it wasn’t our first choice. It was quite hard to learn how to use the sewing machines and make sure the gaps between the shapes were even and that the machine didn’t do a wonky line that wasn’t down the middle.


My feedback would be to stick to the description or tell us if it changes because I was quite annoyed when I found out we were doing sewing for about 1/6 of the time and the rest of the time was just cutting out shapes and drawing templates.


My favorite part was the actual sewing because it was super fun and a good skill to have in the future.

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