Passion Project COMPLETE!

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Hi Guys,

I am so excited because I have FINALLY completed my Passion Project!

It has taken 10 weeks to accomplish and I have managed to keep you updated for the whole ride. If this is the first post you have read about my passion project, then I encourage you to read them before this one. Fist, I will upload the finished product so you know what I am talking about later in the post.

I think the whole project went really well except for the little problem in the editing and production stage. In the production stage, it was a mistake to not grab a Mike as well as the Tripod and Camera because in the end, when we looked back on our footage, the audio was terrible because in some scenes, you could hardly hear us talking. In most of the other scenes, it was bad audio because the background noise was really loud and took the quality of the footage down a little bit and in the editing, we had to re-make it about 5 times, some in Corel and some in Adobe Premiere. The final product was in Adobe premiere because Corel wouldn’t work after the millions of times we tried it. It was very frustrating and time consuming. That was probably the hardest part and the biggest bump in the journey for this film.

To me, our film was basically exactly the way I wanted it to turn out apart for the audio and some of the shots. I was so happy about the way it turned out because of the editing and everything.

I feel like the best parts we have accomplished in this project was the team work, decisions, editing and planning. I think we did s great job cooperating (Partially because we are friends) and because we had the same ideas which is also why I said decisions. The editing we did really well because we used some cool editing choices and I was really happy with everything we did. The planning was good because we had a schedule and planned Get-togethers to plan, film and edit with each other.

I think that I could of improved (like I said heaps) is the audio and some of the shots. Apart from that, I feel like we did pretty good at everything else.

Next time, I would of improved those little things and maybe made sure that everything to do with the program I used (Corel) was working before I edited.

Through the whole process, I learned that Corel is not trustworthy! and…

How to work on Adobe Premiere and to work with a time limit. It is very stressful!

Overall, the experience has been AWESOME and so so fun.

Can’t wait till my next Passion Project!





12 thoughts on “Passion Project COMPLETE!

  1. P.S: that was incredibly funny! You could of cut a few clips down a lot, and switch around a few, and get the music on time, but you already know that!

  2. Hi Emmaline,
    Your film was so funny and I loved the idea I would have never of thought to do something like this for my passion project!! I also liked your music choice it worked with your film really well. Well done! ????

  3. Great work Emmaline! Your video is fantastic! Possibly cut down a few of the scenes, but otherwise, it’s hilarious! You used some amazing angles to enhance your message. Well done! 🙂

  4. I just wanted to say what a magnificent job of your Passion Project you have done this term. It is evident that you spent a lot of time perfecting your ideas for your film as your final product is structured, purposeful and well edited. I really love your incorporation of interesting camera angles. Your creative idea of creating a narrative around the popular game Pokemon Go was entertaining and fun for your audience! Well done!

    Well done on your great work Emmaline! I can’t wait to see what you do next term. 

  5. I LOVE YOUR FILM!!!!!! It is sooooooo hilarious, especially when Mikayla dressed up as Charmander! All your angles are incredible. I love how you went to so many different locations. Your lines are funny and I love how your mum rang up, signifying it had been a year since you started. You showed how the time passed really well. Great message, but never, EVER, NEVER play that song again. Well done!

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