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Hi Everyone,

These past few weeks in Inquiry, we have been working on a very exciting film with a REAL client! The task was to create a promotional film for Geelong and send off a few of the bets ones to the Client, Tracy from Tourism for the Geelong and the Bellarine. The brief that was Emailed to us was really short and quick. It was literally Geelong. By Kids, For kids. We had to make our films fun, creative and appealing for children and their parents.

There was one film on their website that Tracy wanted us to watch and take notes on to get some inspiration and to follow that sort of feel. There were short sharp scenes and catchy music behind the footage. This was what we tried to apply in our films.

The next step in Completing these films were to narrow down which locations children of all ages would want to come to Geelong for. In the end, We decided 6C wen to Eastern Beach for the Water, cafes, playground, and all the fun activities down at the Waterfront, 6B went to three places, Leisure Link, Balyang Sanctuary by the river, the bike track near there, and Barwon Valley fun park and 6A went to Super tramp and Torquay. We set the date for week 6 and got started on our planning.

The third step was to get into groups of two or three and create a Shotlist for our group. When getting into groups, we had to also pair up with other classes so that at the end, we would have footage from every place. The other people in my extended group were Jasmine, Georgie, Henry, Jacob, Bridie and Ruby.

A Shotlist in case you are wondering is just a list (obviously) of all the shots and scenes you are planning to take so you will know what exactly you will film when you are there so you  don’t waste time. This is what ours looked like, it is quite long so I had to take a couple of photos:

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We colour coded each scene so we knew who was in what scene, where it was being filmed and how long it was going to go for. It looks and sounds confusing but it really isn’t.

The next step was to actually film the footage and get it onto our computers. Like I said earlier, 6A went to Super Tramp and Torquay, 6B went to Leisure link and Balyang sanctuary park and bike track, 6C went to Eastern beach. I am in 6B so I went to Leisure link and the river. Everything went really well and we got most of our footage using my camera from home. The weather was great and all of us had fun filming.

Step four was to Share our footage with our group Via USBs. This way aloud us to pass around the USB from each person in the group so that we had all the footage on our computers.

Once we had all the footage, we had to Cull and cut all the films taken so that we could put them into our films and not have massive videos taking up ages of our films. It took a while but in the end, we got there. We had to individually cut or delete each piece of footage taken so you can imagine it took a while.

After we had cut and culled the footage, with some of the videos, we had to convert them because if the footage was filmed on a DSLR, then you need to swap the footage from the type of file it is to the type that can fit into Corel.  That happened to the footage my group took from Eastern Beach because they did film on a DSLR. It took me so long to convert all the footage when I could of been working on the actual film. Because of that, I didn’t have much time to add effects so now that was the only thing I wish I changed. Apart from that, the editing went really well.

Near the end, we had to get some feedback from 5 other people in any of the classes. The way we did this was to set up each person’s laptop around the year 6 space and also putting next to it a little feedback sheet that 5 people had to write their names and some feedback on the Advertising film. My feedback was that I had to change the music which I was already thinking myself and to add in some more editing choices like Slow-motion, Fast forward, reverse and things like that.

The third last step of the whole process is to apply the feedback to our Promo Films and share them with the rest of year 6. I added some fast forward at leisure link, slow motion at Super tramp and some more fast forward at Eastern Beach.

After we had changed our films to fit the feedback, and share them with all of Year 6. We did the same thing as before but with a bigger sheet so we could add some general comments.

My favorite part was to get the footage on our excursion because it was really fun as well as productive. The hardest part was editing the films when all the footage had to be relinked and converted.

Then, the last step in this process was to share it on our blogs which is what I am doing now. Here is the finished product and I hope you can give me some feedback in the comments:


BYE! 🙂 😉

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  1. Your finished product is very good Emmaline! It incorporates great use of editing features such as timelapse and slow motion and I like your use of the go pro footage. Your footage is creative and involves a lot of fantastic camera angles and great use of short scenes to match the tempo of the soundtrack. Great work!

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