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Hi Guys,


In this Post, I will be sharing with you a book trailer I have read recently. The point of a book trailer is in the title, it is supposed to promote the book like a movie trailer promotes a movie, except it is a book.

The book I have chosen for the trailer is called How to capture an Invisible cat. I won’t really need to give you an explanation because it will kind of be explained in the trailer.

Here it is.




I used an app called Corel. I have used it before so it isn’t new, with the experience, I know that if you have lots of space on your computer, it will be fine, but if not, it is really bad because the whole thing Glitches up and you can’t watch anything. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me.

For this book that I chose, it was really hard to create a book trailer that is actually good for it because there isn’t really much depth or emotion it is just a great book with lot’s of action and adventure. I wasn’t sure how to really convey the message of the book this particular book and now that I have done it, I think it would of been better to chose a different sort of book.


I had quite  bit of trouble fining the perfect song for this film because it is kind of a weird mix of happy and adventurous music that I would need. To solve this problem, I decided if I can’t find any music, then I should make some! I opened mix craft and started to find the right instruments and things. It turned out really well.


Next time, like I said, I would of thought about the type of book I chose before I  actually went ahead and did the book trailer.


One thought on “Book Trailer

  1. This is the Feedback I got from my class ??

    I really liked your music and you had good choice imagery.
    Hi Emmaline, this book certianlly counds interesting! Is it a mysteryu book? In that case the music definately suits it. And good choice in imagry! – Abbi

    awesome job! i loved the way that you make the story very hooking- lily

    I liked your choice in imagry because it suited the book and the music was good for the type of book.

    I like your choice of imagery

    good job Emmaline, i really like your choice of music and your images

    good job emmaline but i think you should change your music. -milly

    I think the words are a bit short to read. It goes by really quickly! I don’t think the music really suits this trailer. But the imagery was really good! – Steven

    Well done Emmaline, i really liked the imagery it really suited the book. Maybe you could make it a little longer and i dont think the music really suits it. Well done!- Elsie

    Georgie: I think the images really suit your trailer, but I think the text is too fast. Good Job!

    Angus: “This book looks hilarious! I didn’t get why the music contrasted between the first bit to the next. It sounded quite odd. I really liked the second song though. You put humour through the trailer, and I thought that was outstanding! Great work.”
    good job emmaline i think you could of made it a bit longer- Harry

    Emmy- Make sure you keep the music consistent throughout the whole film. I get what you were trying to do, but maybe you could find some other music. Wonderful text and imagery. Well done!

    Good imagery Emmaline and the text goes with it, it sounds like a great book. – Phoebe

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