Passion Project Feedback


Hi Everyone,

My Passion Project is going really well and now, it is time to finish editing and get some feedback. So far, my partner Mikayla and I have gotten a bit more than half way through editing and now it is time to see what other people think about our film. We were partnered up with Jesse and Ben. They commented on the Diglet Pokémon pop up that appeared on the screen because it stayed there in the next scene and didn’t go away, cutting some clips to make them shorter, to move some of the audio and to get rid of the purple screen at the end.

Our film wasn’t finished so I knew that we would get tat type of feedback and now we have fixed it as much as we can.

We fixed it by cutting back the Diglet pop up to the right time, literally cutting back the footage to get rid of some bad parts of the scenes, and deleting the purple screen add in at the end.


Look out for my Editing post as I have just finished editing my whole passion project.



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