Choice Day

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Hey Everyone,



On Thursday, the second last day of term, the 4, 5 and 6’s participated in choice day. Basically, you had to chose one out of about 11 activities and for periods 3 and 4, you went to your chosen activity with the specific teacher and did that until lunch. My activity was Sewing. My first preference was to do the mosaics where you have to smash up tiles to make pictures with, but I got put in the sewing group. I was a little bit annoyed about that since the athletic people who were in Mosaics couldn’t do it so I could of. Then I just though, it can’t be that bad, even if I don’t know how to sew, so I went.

The 11 activities were sewing – it said in the description that it would be sewing while socializing with friends, SimCity – where you had to save the city from pollution on a simulated game, Gardening – where you had to garden and make cubbies, Long Division – literally how it sounds, Knitting – just knitting, Flight school – teaches you how to fly a drone, Bottle rockets – where you have to make and launch bottle rockets, Acting out – you have to come up with a solution to a problem and act it out, and a few others.

In the end, when I went, we hardly did any sewing. It was mostly just cutting our shapes, ( the most common were butterflies, doves, circles and squares.) then using a sewing machine to turn them into a Mobile. It was still really fun but It wasn’t what the description was and I was a little bit annoyed that we hardly did any actual sewing by hand or anything. The activity involved us using templates to cut out paper shapes (double sided) until we had about 7 or 8 different double sided paper shapes, then we had to learn how to use the sewing machines to sew them together to make a little mobile to hang horizontal or vertical.

It was fun to mingle with the other year levels and teachers. I liked how we got to chose what we were doing even if at first it wasn’t our first choice. It was quite hard to learn how to use the sewing machines and make sure the gaps between the shapes were even and that the machine didn’t do a wonky line that wasn’t down the middle.


My feedback would be to stick to the description or tell us if it changes because I was quite annoyed when I found out we were doing sewing for about 1/6 of the time and the rest of the time was just cutting out shapes and drawing templates.


My favorite part was the actual sewing because it was super fun and a good skill to have in the future.

Passion Project COMPLETE!

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Hi Guys,

I am so excited because I have FINALLY completed my Passion Project!

It has taken 10 weeks to accomplish and I have managed to keep you updated for the whole ride. If this is the first post you have read about my passion project, then I encourage you to read them before this one. Fist, I will upload the finished product so you know what I am talking about later in the post.

I think the whole project went really well except for the little problem in the editing and production stage. In the production stage, it was a mistake to not grab a Mike as well as the Tripod and Camera because in the end, when we looked back on our footage, the audio was terrible because in some scenes, you could hardly hear us talking. In most of the other scenes, it was bad audio because the background noise was really loud and took the quality of the footage down a little bit and in the editing, we had to re-make it about 5 times, some in Corel and some in Adobe Premiere. The final product was in Adobe premiere because Corel wouldn’t work after the millions of times we tried it. It was very frustrating and time consuming. That was probably the hardest part and the biggest bump in the journey for this film.

To me, our film was basically exactly the way I wanted it to turn out apart for the audio and some of the shots. I was so happy about the way it turned out because of the editing and everything.

I feel like the best parts we have accomplished in this project was the team work, decisions, editing and planning. I think we did s great job cooperating (Partially because we are friends) and because we had the same ideas which is also why I said decisions. The editing we did really well because we used some cool editing choices and I was really happy with everything we did. The planning was good because we had a schedule and planned Get-togethers to plan, film and edit with each other.

I think that I could of improved (like I said heaps) is the audio and some of the shots. Apart from that, I feel like we did pretty good at everything else.

Next time, I would of improved those little things and maybe made sure that everything to do with the program I used (Corel) was working before I edited.

Through the whole process, I learned that Corel is not trustworthy! and…

How to work on Adobe Premiere and to work with a time limit. It is very stressful!

Overall, the experience has been AWESOME and so so fun.

Can’t wait till my next Passion Project!





Geelong Promotional Film

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Hi Everyone,

These past few weeks in Inquiry, we have been working on a very exciting film with a REAL client! The task was to create a promotional film for Geelong and send off a few of the bets ones to the Client, Tracy from Tourism for the Geelong and the Bellarine. The brief that was Emailed to us was really short and quick. It was literally Geelong. By Kids, For kids. We had to make our films fun, creative and appealing for children and their parents.

There was one film on their website that Tracy wanted us to watch and take notes on to get some inspiration and to follow that sort of feel. There were short sharp scenes and catchy music behind the footage. This was what we tried to apply in our films.

The next step in Completing these films were to narrow down which locations children of all ages would want to come to Geelong for. In the end, We decided 6C wen to Eastern Beach for the Water, cafes, playground, and all the fun activities down at the Waterfront, 6B went to three places, Leisure Link, Balyang Sanctuary by the river, the bike track near there, and Barwon Valley fun park and 6A went to Super tramp and Torquay. We set the date for week 6 and got started on our planning.

The third step was to get into groups of two or three and create a Shotlist for our group. When getting into groups, we had to also pair up with other classes so that at the end, we would have footage from every place. The other people in my extended group were Jasmine, Georgie, Henry, Jacob, Bridie and Ruby.

A Shotlist in case you are wondering is just a list (obviously) of all the shots and scenes you are planning to take so you will know what exactly you will film when you are there so you  don’t waste time. This is what ours looked like, it is quite long so I had to take a couple of photos:

advertising-film iqugfb waer werf

We colour coded each scene so we knew who was in what scene, where it was being filmed and how long it was going to go for. It looks and sounds confusing but it really isn’t.

The next step was to actually film the footage and get it onto our computers. Like I said earlier, 6A went to Super Tramp and Torquay, 6B went to Leisure link and Balyang sanctuary park and bike track, 6C went to Eastern beach. I am in 6B so I went to Leisure link and the river. Everything went really well and we got most of our footage using my camera from home. The weather was great and all of us had fun filming.

Step four was to Share our footage with our group Via USBs. This way aloud us to pass around the USB from each person in the group so that we had all the footage on our computers.

Once we had all the footage, we had to Cull and cut all the films taken so that we could put them into our films and not have massive videos taking up ages of our films. It took a while but in the end, we got there. We had to individually cut or delete each piece of footage taken so you can imagine it took a while.

After we had cut and culled the footage, with some of the videos, we had to convert them because if the footage was filmed on a DSLR, then you need to swap the footage from the type of file it is to the type that can fit into Corel.  That happened to the footage my group took from Eastern Beach because they did film on a DSLR. It took me so long to convert all the footage when I could of been working on the actual film. Because of that, I didn’t have much time to add effects so now that was the only thing I wish I changed. Apart from that, the editing went really well.

Near the end, we had to get some feedback from 5 other people in any of the classes. The way we did this was to set up each person’s laptop around the year 6 space and also putting next to it a little feedback sheet that 5 people had to write their names and some feedback on the Advertising film. My feedback was that I had to change the music which I was already thinking myself and to add in some more editing choices like Slow-motion, Fast forward, reverse and things like that.

The third last step of the whole process is to apply the feedback to our Promo Films and share them with the rest of year 6. I added some fast forward at leisure link, slow motion at Super tramp and some more fast forward at Eastern Beach.

After we had changed our films to fit the feedback, and share them with all of Year 6. We did the same thing as before but with a bigger sheet so we could add some general comments.

My favorite part was to get the footage on our excursion because it was really fun as well as productive. The hardest part was editing the films when all the footage had to be relinked and converted.

Then, the last step in this process was to share it on our blogs which is what I am doing now. Here is the finished product and I hope you can give me some feedback in the comments:


BYE! 🙂 😉

Book Trailer

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Hi Guys,


In this Post, I will be sharing with you a book trailer I have read recently. The point of a book trailer is in the title, it is supposed to promote the book like a movie trailer promotes a movie, except it is a book.

The book I have chosen for the trailer is called How to capture an Invisible cat. I won’t really need to give you an explanation because it will kind of be explained in the trailer.

Here it is.




I used an app called Corel. I have used it before so it isn’t new, with the experience, I know that if you have lots of space on your computer, it will be fine, but if not, it is really bad because the whole thing Glitches up and you can’t watch anything. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me.

For this book that I chose, it was really hard to create a book trailer that is actually good for it because there isn’t really much depth or emotion it is just a great book with lot’s of action and adventure. I wasn’t sure how to really convey the message of the book this particular book and now that I have done it, I think it would of been better to chose a different sort of book.


I had quite  bit of trouble fining the perfect song for this film because it is kind of a weird mix of happy and adventurous music that I would need. To solve this problem, I decided if I can’t find any music, then I should make some! I opened mix craft and started to find the right instruments and things. It turned out really well.


Next time, like I said, I would of thought about the type of book I chose before I  actually went ahead and did the book trailer.


Editing Pokémon Go Film

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Hi Guys,

I have finished My Passion Project! well basically there are still two days before it is due and it is actually finished but I have completed the editing stage and it is looking good! Mikayla and I have added a few little things into the film that make it cool! E.G, we put in a little pop up Diglet Pokémon on the screen as in one scene Mikayla is attempting to catch one, at the end, there is a film of us walking away into the distance and that is when over the top, the credits will roll.

We used Corel. It is an app that lets you, obviously, put in film clips that will connect into one film that you can add affects to and cut, crop. That is how Mikayla and I edited our film. We have made quite a few films on this software before so it isn’t new, with the experience, we know that if you have lots of space on your computer, it will be fine, but if not, it is really bad because the whole thing Glitches up and you can’t watch anything. Luckily, that didn’t happen to us. There was one problem. When we had just finished our film, someone stepped on Mikayla’s hard drive that held all our footage so now, we are back to square one relinking all of the footage from our film. In case you are wondering, you have to relink videos that you put into Corel if the original footage is moved from it’s first place. It is really annoying.

I think we might use some fast and slow motion near the start and end.


Look out for my Completed Post! Yay! 🙂

Passion Project Feedback


Hi Everyone,

My Passion Project is going really well and now, it is time to finish editing and get some feedback. So far, my partner Mikayla and I have gotten a bit more than half way through editing and now it is time to see what other people think about our film. We were partnered up with Jesse and Ben. They commented on the Diglet Pokémon pop up that appeared on the screen because it stayed there in the next scene and didn’t go away, cutting some clips to make them shorter, to move some of the audio and to get rid of the purple screen at the end.

Our film wasn’t finished so I knew that we would get tat type of feedback and now we have fixed it as much as we can.

We fixed it by cutting back the Diglet pop up to the right time, literally cutting back the footage to get rid of some bad parts of the scenes, and deleting the purple screen add in at the end.


Look out for my Editing post as I have just finished editing my whole passion project.



Cultures of Micronesia

Hi Everyone,


I don’t think you have ever heard of Micronesia have you? Well, I guess it is because Micronesia is so small, not many people have heard of it. It is mostly made up of a series of small islands in the pacific. Since I didn’t really know much about it either, I decided to do some research on the federated states of Micronesia.

I Found out so much about this cool mini country that I thought I should take a picture and share it with you. I have set out my pages like this.

WIN_20160901_180322 (2)


I had a drawing of the flag at the very top of the page, and all the way down the double page, I had spread out the topics/titles, cultures, clothes, food, languages and a couple others.

If I lived in Micronesia I think the wierdest part that I wouldn’t be able to get used to would be the language difference and the way everyone lives over there. The temperature is pretty different because it is almost always warm to hot in Micronesia. It would be pretty cool to live there because of the awesome culture and scenery there. The water is crystal clear, blue, and the islands are really tropical and cool.


It is so different from Australia because like I mentioned earlier, the weather is so different and in Micronesia, it is more likely to have an earthquake or natural disaster like that. It is also different because of all the history of the islands. They have a much more complicated history because of the invasions of the different countries that kept trying to take over Yap, Chuuk, PohnPei and Kosrae, the four states of the Federated states of Micronesia.

I don’t really think they have much in common.