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Hi Everyone,

in this post, it makes sense to center it around book week since that is actually what happens around this time of the year. I am going to do a little quiz with you about the characters in the different books I am reading lately. I won’t actually tell you who they are because it would ruin the surprise and at the end, like all my Reading Blogs I will be adding three words, their definitions and put them into an example sentence that I have found interesting in the books I am reading recently.



  1. I have long, brown, frizzy hair that is almost constantly in a neat pony tail.
  2. In fact, everything I wear, do or have is neat and always has it’s own place
  3. As you can probably tell already, I am a control freak and always have to have my own way someway or another.
  4. I have two best friends and we are always hanging out since we live in a boarding school for most of the year.
  5. We go on dangerous adventures but every time, we return safe and mostly uninjured.
  6. I am very precise about what I say and I usually have a very sharp way of speaking to people. I can’t help it, I just do.
  7. We are friend’s with the gamekeeper at the school and like to visit him often.
  8. I am a girl and I learn magic.



Now I will complete my little section below for the 3 words of the week form the book this character is from, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I am nearly finished!





Childhood experience permanently scared you ; a moment when you have been slightly changed permanently

The scene from the movie he had just watched when he was five had traumatized him forever.




travelling through the air ; flying

He paused, while still airborne and completed a double somersault with an extra little flip to finish it off.




level of pressure as you get higher ; The height of an object or point relating to the sea level or ground level.

As we gained altitude, I felt my stomach tingle and lurch with every turn.





I hope I have made it easy to guess who my character is! Comment below to tell me your guess and I will answer with the answer.

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