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Today in RVE (religious and values education) we had to hand in our first of many country projects. They are basically where you chose a country that you know is entering the Olympics and answer the following questions about them. What is the biggest religion in this country, What are the countries cultures and customs, what is the traditional clothing and social behaviors E.G sport, food and that sort of stuff. My country was New Zealand because I have been for a holiday there and I loved it. I know the customs and cultures but I would love to know more so I chose it as my country.

Most people drew a flag and made their page really colourful and decorated like mine. Most people went with the colours of their flag. Mine looked like this:



It made me think, what are the differences between this country and my own? What are the similarities? So I decided to share with you what I found out in my research.

New Zealand’s population mostly chose to be Christian, catholic or Anglican. These three religions mean you believe in Jesus Christ and God. You believe in the holy bible and that stuff. Australian is like that too. Australians mostly chose to be Christian, Catholic, Uniting Church, Baptist and Lutheran. But when it comes to customs and traditional food, dances and social behaviors, these two countries are quite different.

For a start, the Kiwi’s (that is what people who live in New Zealand are called because of their native bird the kiwi) have a strong belief in their Maori tribe gods. When aborigines lived in Australia, the kiwi’s were split up into tribes. they lived in small huts and fought for their land. This is where the Hakka, a traditional Maori dance, comes in. while wearing their face paint, tattooed in patterns along their faces, and a small cloth hanging around their waist, they perform this dance, used to intimidate and scare away the tribes enemies. Us Australians really don’t have a native dance or any traditions that are still here today. that is where we vary in traditional dances and customs.

In New Zealand, there are lots of different types of sport. all forms of Rugby are popular in New Zealand. It is like football is here, super popular and really hyped up when there is a game coming.


If I lived in New Zealand, I think it would be so awesome and interesting to live near the mountains because when I was over there for a holiday, there were mountains everywhere as well as snow and lakes. It would be so cool to live near and in all of the beautiful scenery. It would also be interesting to live there because of the animals and traditional customs that exist there. It would also be challenging because of the cold temperatures and the avalanches of ice from the mountains. I would get used to it eventually but it would be scary being so close to everything.



I hope you have enjoyed this post, I have liked learning about this interesting country’s culture and all it’s customs. it was fun to explore my interests in New Zealand’s religions. Until my next post, Good Bye!

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  1. Hi Emmaline, you really researched New Zealand well. It must really help to have been there and seen what it is like. Well done.
    Thanks Jasi

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