Passion Project – Pokémon Go Production

Hi Everyone,

Did you like the alliteration in the title? Speaking of the title, I think you know what my post is about this time, the production stage of my passion Project. I will be sharing with you all the success and challenges and basically everything about what it was like and what me and my group did.

I think the most fun part was probably just getting into character and into our costumes and practicing the shots because I liked getting dressed up with my friends and playing around, trying to find the best place to film the shot. that was also probably the easiest part. We had quite a few successes like the camera getting good enough footage and actually being able to use the best locations for each part in the film.

Even with these successes, there were also some challenges that slowed down the process but we did eventually overcome them. One of these was because our film is about Pokémon Go, obviously we needed some Pokémon and Poke balls. Mikayla my partner got a Charmander Onesie and I had ordered a Pikachu one. It was supposed to come within 1-4 days. Two weeks later, we still didn’t have the Onesie. It ended up that the shop had run out of Pikachu Onesies and hadn’t told us. Talk about bad customer service! It was way past the time we had needed it – the filming day – and there was no need for it anymore. When we were filming, we had to improvise with what we had and basically cut out the whole part with Pikachu in it. It was disappointing but in the end, we got past it. With the Poke Balls, it was really hard to come up with a way of making a poke ball that, since our film is supposed to be humorous, would just break when I threw it at Mikayla. We ended up using a Kinetic sand one because I was going to throw out it out anyway so if we used a little bit, it wouldn’t really matter. Another problem we had to overcome was finding the time on the weekends to film, plan and now to edit together. so far, we have had three get togethers – one sleepover and two plays to plan and film. We are both really busy so it was hard to find the time and still is because we are both quite busy on the weekends. Mikayla and I got over that challenge by planning ahead to insure that the weekend was free and persuading our parents to let us see each other that often.

Overall It was really fun and I learned how to persist when you come across challenges and to always plan ahead in case something goes wrong.



3 thoughts on “Passion Project – Pokémon Go Production

  1. Fantastic Emmaline … and yes I did like the alliteration in the title! It was truly terrific (see what I did there …?). 🙂
    You are very organized for this term’s passion project! I love that you have actually ordered onesies to use as costumes (and PJs) in your film!
    Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  2. Hi Emmaline, I can’t wait to see your film. It sounds exciting and I can’t wait to see you both dressed up. What a great idea.
    Thanks Jasi

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