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In this post I will be focusing your attention to the small parts of a sentence and explaining them in detail using words from the actual text they come from. The first thing I will be telling you about is called an adjective. It is simply a character from the story I am reading at the moment. In the book, the main character I will be examining is called Hermione. I will be putting some of the words together into a sentence to explain what her personality is like.

When Harry met Hermione, She was a very disciplinary strict uptight anxious on edge sort of person. Now, he hardly even recognised her.

Now, I thought I could use some adverbs from the book to describe what the character looked like and how they were moving or doing something.

She talked very wildly, swinging her hands around making absurd gestures.  

Her hair was flat and glossy. It stayed well shaped for the whole dance. They could tell she was using a large amount of Frizaway’s hair gel.

Now I think I will try something a bit more hard and describe the setting of the place (once again from the book) and the character’s emotions at different times.

The crumbling, fragile walls, thin and mouldy with decay, looked like they were about to collapse in on them.

Trembling hands, sweaty palms, he wanted to be invisible.

Her eyes lifted from the book she was reading. A wide smile spread across her usually expressionless face. It made her clear complexion more obvious, like her eyes glowed with pride. 


Today when I was doing this research and reading my book, I came across these words and I thought you might like to hear them, their definitions and the words in a sentences.



To Enrage or anger

To make an antagonist of someone

It was beginning to antagonize him that Hermione and Ron were still arguing.


Another word for happy or Cheerful

It was a Mirthful experience that he knew he would look upon in later years and smile at.


To scape from trickery or cleverness

Harry wouldn’t lie, but if he was given enough time, he was sure he could evade the issue.


These are the most interesting words I have found so far in my book and I hope you have learned a knew word or too. I would encourage you to do this same activity because it expands your vocabulary and helps with your understanding of the text you are reading. until my next post, goodbye!

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