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Hi everyone,

I have just started the production stage of my Passion Project so I thought I would share with you my planning for this very important part in my Passion Project. The first part of planning for a film is the most crucial part in the whole process. It is a fact that on a scale, 65% of the time is planning or the preproduction stage, 25% is the production stage or filming and getting footage and the remaining is for editing, the post production stage.

My group has decided to use a Shotlist to prepare and organise all the shots, angles, dialogue and settings for each scene. In this, I have used quite a few different angles and shots to get across the message/storyline of Mikayla and I’s film. This is what a filled shot list looks like.



Some really common good shots are the over the shoulder shot, close ups, still, tracking and panning. An over the shoulder shot is really good if you want more than one hing in the shot like if you need someone to be in a shot but also need scenery or an object than this is a good shot to use because you can have the characters shoulder and head as well as the object or scenery in front of the person or thing.

Close ups are good is you need to show emotion on the persons face or if you need to show detail on an object. You can use them to widen the variety of shots in your film if the time I right and it fits with the rest if the film. A still shot is basically just were the camera is sitting on a tripod or just very still and it stays there and does not move the whole time.

If the camera is moving and kind of following a moving object or person then that is a tracking shot because the camera is tracking and following the thing that is moving. It is usually done with the characters back facing the camera but sometimes it is facing the front.

A pannign shot has the camera moving side to side slowly to show a certain thing or place. You can also have an upwards pan and a downwards pan. They are the same thing but in different directions.


I have used all of these shots except for panning at least once in my passion project. They make my films storyline very clear and it really helps using a Shotlist to plan time and make sure our film works and everything is good quality.


I will be doing my next post about how the Production/filming goes. I am sure there will be some problems along the way but you can read about that in my next post so for now, bye!

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  1. What great detail in this blog post Emmaline. I love how organized you are for your film and in reading your shotlist, you certainly have some very interesting camera angles and events taking place in the scenes.
    It will be a difficult project to pull of in terms of communicating a clear message to your audience without getting distorted by the humor, but I have faith that you can do it! 🙂

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