Who Am I?

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Hi Everyone,

in this post, it makes sense to center it around book week since that is actually what happens around this time of the year. I am going to do a little quiz with you about the characters in the different books I am reading lately. I won’t actually tell you who they are because it would ruin the surprise and at the end, like all my Reading Blogs I will be adding three words, their definitions and put them into an example sentence that I have found interesting in the books I am reading recently.



  1. I have long, brown, frizzy hair that is almost constantly in a neat pony tail.
  2. In fact, everything I wear, do or have is neat and always has it’s own place
  3. As you can probably tell already, I am a control freak and always have to have my own way someway or another.
  4. I have two best friends and we are always hanging out since we live in a boarding school for most of the year.
  5. We go on dangerous adventures but every time, we return safe and mostly uninjured.
  6. I am very precise about what I say and I usually have a very sharp way of speaking to people. I can’t help it, I just do.
  7. We are friend’s with the gamekeeper at the school and like to visit him often.
  8. I am a girl and I learn magic.



Now I will complete my little section below for the 3 words of the week form the book this character is from, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I am nearly finished!





Childhood experience permanently scared you ; a moment when you have been slightly changed permanently

The scene from the movie he had just watched when he was five had traumatized him forever.




travelling through the air ; flying

He paused, while still airborne and completed a double somersault with an extra little flip to finish it off.




level of pressure as you get higher ; The height of an object or point relating to the sea level or ground level.

As we gained altitude, I felt my stomach tingle and lurch with every turn.





I hope I have made it easy to guess who my character is! Comment below to tell me your guess and I will answer with the answer.

Cultures of the World

Hi Everyone,

Today in RVE (religious and values education) we had to hand in our first of many country projects. They are basically where you chose a country that you know is entering the Olympics and answer the following questions about them. What is the biggest religion in this country, What are the countries cultures and customs, what is the traditional clothing and social behaviors E.G sport, food and that sort of stuff. My country was New Zealand because I have been for a holiday there and I loved it. I know the customs and cultures but I would love to know more so I chose it as my country.

Most people drew a flag and made their page really colourful and decorated like mine. Most people went with the colours of their flag. Mine looked like this:



It made me think, what are the differences between this country and my own? What are the similarities? So I decided to share with you what I found out in my research.

New Zealand’s population mostly chose to be Christian, catholic or Anglican. These three religions mean you believe in Jesus Christ and God. You believe in the holy bible and that stuff. Australian is like that too. Australians mostly chose to be Christian, Catholic, Uniting Church, Baptist and Lutheran. But when it comes to customs and traditional food, dances and social behaviors, these two countries are quite different.

For a start, the Kiwi’s (that is what people who live in New Zealand are called because of their native bird the kiwi) have a strong belief in their Maori tribe gods. When aborigines lived in Australia, the kiwi’s were split up into tribes. they lived in small huts and fought for their land. This is where the Hakka, a traditional Maori dance, comes in. while wearing their face paint, tattooed in patterns along their faces, and a small cloth hanging around their waist, they perform this dance, used to intimidate and scare away the tribes enemies. Us Australians really don’t have a native dance or any traditions that are still here today. that is where we vary in traditional dances and customs.

In New Zealand, there are lots of different types of sport. all forms of Rugby are popular in New Zealand. It is like football is here, super popular and really hyped up when there is a game coming.


If I lived in New Zealand, I think it would be so awesome and interesting to live near the mountains because when I was over there for a holiday, there were mountains everywhere as well as snow and lakes. It would be so cool to live near and in all of the beautiful scenery. It would also be interesting to live there because of the animals and traditional customs that exist there. It would also be challenging because of the cold temperatures and the avalanches of ice from the mountains. I would get used to it eventually but it would be scary being so close to everything.



I hope you have enjoyed this post, I have liked learning about this interesting country’s culture and all it’s customs. it was fun to explore my interests in New Zealand’s religions. Until my next post, Good Bye!

Book Week 2016

Hi Everyone,

Next week is book week! I am really excited for book week because it is so fun to dress up and see everyone’s costumes, play games an complete activities and the prizes will be announced from the My Dead Bunny colouring competition and the Roald Dahl 100th Birthday competition. Another reason I love it is because of the actual books! Talking about Roald Dahl, His books are my favorite and they remind me of when I was little at my old house. My favorites include Matilda, the BFG and the witches. The reason it was my favorite was because of the creativity and imagination is practically pouring onto the page. All his books are through the perspective of a child and children are always the hero or main character. Roald Dahl can really get into the brain of a child and write it all down onto a page. There is just something magical and special about his books that makes me feel happy when I read them.

I think the one I like the most would have to be the BFG because it is just so creative and original, no-one else could of thought of it! It was really hard to decide between that and Matilda but by literally a millimeter I think the BFG would have to be my favorite. I reckon the first time I heard it was when I was about 5 years old and I had it read to me by my grandmother. After that, I listened to the Audio book of it quite a lot since there was no-one to read it to me and I was too young to read it all by myself. I think that the best character in my books is the BFG. Even though it is the main character, I liked him the best because of the funny way he speaks and how he is so caring but looks so strange. He actually cared for Sophie and looked after her rather than eat her like normal. As I said before, the book makes me feel kind of relaxed and just content. There is this magical air around those books, when I read them, I feel happy and they make me forget about my worries. The BFG makes me feel content and carefree.


From now on, I will be adding a little bit at the end of each post for three words that I have found in the books I am reading at the moment. I will write their definitions and put them into a sentence.



Exciting ; creating adrenalin

I heard that the Cobra ride is really exhilarating! She said when she go tout of the car, stepping out onto the wet grassy grounds of the fair.



dreams ; goals

My Ambitions won’t get in the way of my work, he told himself firmly, even though he knew that wasn’t true.



To Transmit something ; In the act of giving something or passing it on

It was as if she was transmitting her thoughts right to his mind.



I hope this has been interesting to read but until next time, Goodbye!


Passion Project – Pokémon Go Production

Hi Everyone,

Did you like the alliteration in the title? Speaking of the title, I think you know what my post is about this time, the production stage of my passion Project. I will be sharing with you all the success and challenges and basically everything about what it was like and what me and my group did.

I think the most fun part was probably just getting into character and into our costumes and practicing the shots because I liked getting dressed up with my friends and playing around, trying to find the best place to film the shot. that was also probably the easiest part. We had quite a few successes like the camera getting good enough footage and actually being able to use the best locations for each part in the film.

Even with these successes, there were also some challenges that slowed down the process but we did eventually overcome them. One of these was because our film is about Pokémon Go, obviously we needed some Pokémon and Poke balls. Mikayla my partner got a Charmander Onesie and I had ordered a Pikachu one. It was supposed to come within 1-4 days. Two weeks later, we still didn’t have the Onesie. It ended up that the shop had run out of Pikachu Onesies and hadn’t told us. Talk about bad customer service! It was way past the time we had needed it – the filming day – and there was no need for it anymore. When we were filming, we had to improvise with what we had and basically cut out the whole part with Pikachu in it. It was disappointing but in the end, we got past it. With the Poke Balls, it was really hard to come up with a way of making a poke ball that, since our film is supposed to be humorous, would just break when I threw it at Mikayla. We ended up using a Kinetic sand one because I was going to throw out it out anyway so if we used a little bit, it wouldn’t really matter. Another problem we had to overcome was finding the time on the weekends to film, plan and now to edit together. so far, we have had three get togethers – one sleepover and two plays to plan and film. We are both really busy so it was hard to find the time and still is because we are both quite busy on the weekends. Mikayla and I got over that challenge by planning ahead to insure that the weekend was free and persuading our parents to let us see each other that often.

Overall It was really fun and I learned how to persist when you come across challenges and to always plan ahead in case something goes wrong.



Watching Words


Hi Guys,

In this post I will be focusing your attention to the small parts of a sentence and explaining them in detail using words from the actual text they come from. The first thing I will be telling you about is called an adjective. It is simply a character from the story I am reading at the moment. In the book, the main character I will be examining is called Hermione. I will be putting some of the words together into a sentence to explain what her personality is like.

When Harry met Hermione, She was a very disciplinary strict uptight anxious on edge sort of person. Now, he hardly even recognised her.

Now, I thought I could use some adverbs from the book to describe what the character looked like and how they were moving or doing something.

She talked very wildly, swinging her hands around making absurd gestures.  

Her hair was flat and glossy. It stayed well shaped for the whole dance. They could tell she was using a large amount of Frizaway’s hair gel.

Now I think I will try something a bit more hard and describe the setting of the place (once again from the book) and the character’s emotions at different times.

The crumbling, fragile walls, thin and mouldy with decay, looked like they were about to collapse in on them.

Trembling hands, sweaty palms, he wanted to be invisible.

Her eyes lifted from the book she was reading. A wide smile spread across her usually expressionless face. It made her clear complexion more obvious, like her eyes glowed with pride. 


Today when I was doing this research and reading my book, I came across these words and I thought you might like to hear them, their definitions and the words in a sentences.



To Enrage or anger

To make an antagonist of someone

It was beginning to antagonize him that Hermione and Ron were still arguing.


Another word for happy or Cheerful

It was a Mirthful experience that he knew he would look upon in later years and smile at.


To scape from trickery or cleverness

Harry wouldn’t lie, but if he was given enough time, he was sure he could evade the issue.


These are the most interesting words I have found so far in my book and I hope you have learned a knew word or too. I would encourage you to do this same activity because it expands your vocabulary and helps with your understanding of the text you are reading. until my next post, goodbye!

Planning for Pokemon Go



Hi everyone,

I have just started the production stage of my Passion Project so I thought I would share with you my planning for this very important part in my Passion Project. The first part of planning for a film is the most crucial part in the whole process. It is a fact that on a scale, 65% of the time is planning or the preproduction stage, 25% is the production stage or filming and getting footage and the remaining is for editing, the post production stage.

My group has decided to use a Shotlist to prepare and organise all the shots, angles, dialogue and settings for each scene. In this, I have used quite a few different angles and shots to get across the message/storyline of Mikayla and I’s film. This is what a filled shot list looks like.



Some really common good shots are the over the shoulder shot, close ups, still, tracking and panning. An over the shoulder shot is really good if you want more than one hing in the shot like if you need someone to be in a shot but also need scenery or an object than this is a good shot to use because you can have the characters shoulder and head as well as the object or scenery in front of the person or thing.

Close ups are good is you need to show emotion on the persons face or if you need to show detail on an object. You can use them to widen the variety of shots in your film if the time I right and it fits with the rest if the film. A still shot is basically just were the camera is sitting on a tripod or just very still and it stays there and does not move the whole time.

If the camera is moving and kind of following a moving object or person then that is a tracking shot because the camera is tracking and following the thing that is moving. It is usually done with the characters back facing the camera but sometimes it is facing the front.

A pannign shot has the camera moving side to side slowly to show a certain thing or place. You can also have an upwards pan and a downwards pan. They are the same thing but in different directions.


I have used all of these shots except for panning at least once in my passion project. They make my films storyline very clear and it really helps using a Shotlist to plan time and make sure our film works and everything is good quality.


I will be doing my next post about how the Production/filming goes. I am sure there will be some problems along the way but you can read about that in my next post so for now, bye!

Developing a Narrative.

Hi guys,

I have been trying to improve my writing lately so I thought I should take a look at the basics of books I am reading to get an idea of what a book or narrative should include.  I realized, all and every single book has an intro, problem resolution, and ending. The book I will be choosing is the one I have just completed called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Go to my reading rant page for the details as I have just finished one about this book.



In the intro, Harry is waiting in number 4 Privet Drive for a letter from his friends inviting him to the Quidditch world cup which is like football or soccer in the Wizarding world. His Atrocious Aunt, uncle and cousin Dudley Dursley are unbearable and are driving him mad, while he constantly tries to ignore the fact that his friend are ignoring him and his ‘Family’ have confiscated all of his things that are or have to do with magic.

The middle or problem of the story is that at the Quidditch world cup, Someone in the grounds casts the dark mark ( Lord Voldemort’s sign). The spell was casted by Harry’s wand which had recently been misplaced. This shows, that Voldemort is back.  

There is kind of two parts of the problem. What I just said and what I am going to tell you.

Harry’s name is put in the Goblet of Fire, The decider of the champions from each school out of Durmstrang, Beaux Batons and Hogwarts. There is an age limit line drawn by Dumbledore that restricts under 17 year olds from entering their name. Somehow, a very powerful wizard must have put his name in the goblet as another school’s champion as there were 4 names drawn out of the goblet of fire. Cedric Diggory, for Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour, for Beaux Batons, and Viktor Krum for Durmstrang. Then, out of nowhere, Harry’s name is spewed out of the Goblet, with no school on it.

The resolution of the complication or problem is when Harry, with Dumbledore’s help, figures out who created the mark and who put Harry’s name in the cup. All I am going to say it that it was the same person, to stop me from ruining the ending. It ends up that Harry wins the Tournament and with it 1000 Galleons – Wizard Money.



I also have another 4 words to share with you before I finish this post.

These words are from the next book in the series which I am currently reading called Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix.



stubbornly unyielding

Even though Harry was smaller than his other teammates, his tenacious attitude allowed him to accomplish as much as they did


noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline

Everyone was  so loud and rambunctious that instantly the whole atmosphere changed. 



with optimism; in an optimistic manner

By 8am on day two, he was optimistically waiting at the entrance of the Quidditch pitch, ready for the first task of the tournament.



unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things.

He enjoyed the nostalgia brought on by the show.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I have thought you a knew word or what happens in this book. Please comment if there is anything you think I need it improve or have done well.