Term 3 Passion Projects!


Hi Guys,

I am SO excited to start our new passion projects because last term I had heaps of fun and I was already looking forward to doing another one. This time I am partnering up with my friend Mikayla because last time when I did it by myself, it was good but I feel like I should do something completely different to last term.

We’ve have finally decided on making a comedy film about a new, popular app called Pokémon Go! It is basically the normal Pokémon game (you walk around and on a little map on the app, you try to catch Pokémon that are hiding in the area)  Except it uses the actual google maps and you catch the Pokémon right in front of you through the phone or device. Since it is super popular with lots of people, we thought that it would entertain everyone who watched it in year 6, girls and boys. Our original idea was to write a picture book, I would write it and Mikayla would of Illustrated it. The only reason we changed it was because, when Mrs. Stafford was briefing us on the important parts of our projects, she went over and over again on how important it was to be making this for your audience, not for you. It got me thinking, would everyone think that a picture book was really good and kind of entertaining? I thought not. Then I remembered Pokémon Go! It was popular so I thought hey, everyone would find it entertaining and funny because it is such a big thing, mostly everyone would of played it at some point.

The whole point/message is just to entertain people by making a hilarious film about something lots of people love or hate. I think everyone will enjoy it because they will all at least know what it is and even if they don’t, it will still be funny and overall a good Project outcome.

I talked to Mikayla about it and she thought it was a great idea so we went with it!

The part I am most excited about is the Production Stage which will start next week. We have organized it together and are ready to start our Shot list.

My next post will be when I start and finish my Shot list and everything else that  goes into planning a great film. Until then, Bye!




2 thoughts on “Term 3 Passion Projects!

  1. I am really looking forward to what you and your partner in crime produce with this interesting topic! 🙂
    I love that you took my words of wisdom on board when planning the idea for your film! 🙂 🙂
    With the recent ‘Pokémon Go’ frenzy, I am sure that your audience will be highly entertained by your film. Just be sure you do it in a clever, sophisticated and well-edited way. 🙂

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