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Hi Everyone,

I have recently finished reading a book called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It is about Harry (obviously) and his name was mysteriously put into the goblet of fire, consequently making him forced to enter a terrible and dangerous Contest called the Tri-Wizard Tournament. If you would like all the details then I suggest you cross over to my Reading Rant page right now as I have just completed one about this very book.

I have been thinking. What is the message of this book.? What is the message of what I am writing or reading right now? Well, I would like to share what you have I have come up with.

The message of this book I think, is just for entertainment. Since it is set in the fantasy genre and is completely made up with no real lessons to be learned or real life situations, I decided that there really wasn’t much of a lesson or a take away for the reader apart from that that was such a great book. I have tried thinking about what was actually happening to harry and maybe it connecting with reality but I truly can’t find any form of a real life situat



While reading this book, I have come across three words that I find interesting and I think you will too.




To make a gesture; Moving hands to emphasize something.


Muttering and gesticulating, He appeared to be talking to some him alone could see. It reminded Harry of an old tramp he had seen when out shopping with the Dursleys. That man too, had been conversing wildly with thin air.




To untangle something; Freeing an object of being tangled.


While Professor Trelawney was looking the other way, disentangling her shawl from a lamp, he opened it an inch or so and settled back in his armchair, so that a soft breeze played across his face. It was extremely comfortable.




Like the word extremely; usually used with the before the word hot, to emphasize the temperature of the room/place.


The dimly lit room was swelteringly hot. The fumes from the perfumed fire were heavier than ever. Harry’s head swam as he tried to listen to Professor Trelawney. His eyes landed on the curtained window.





I would recommend this great book to anyone – kids or adults. If you would love to enjoy an enthralling and sometimes baffling story that draws you into the world of magic and muggles, that you will have to be renched from to stop you reading on, then this amazing novel is for you. I will be completing a Reading Rant this week on it so if you would like more info, then i suggest you visit my Reading Rant page.




I truly hope that you have learned something from this post. Maybe a new word or maybe just what book i am reading at the moment. remember to check out my Reading Rant page if you are interested in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.



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  1. wow Emmaline!! I love this book as well! I love all the info that you have included in this post and your reading rant on this book. ?

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