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What is Digital Citizenship? Is it important? Well, I am here to show you that it is.

In Inquiry, while the other half of year six have been working on presenting their scripts, my half have been creating D.C story clips based on a film clip we saw at the start of term. We partnered up and started to work on our scripts. The hardest part was probably coming up with the script to record because it was just really hard to think of a story that flowed and got the message across to the audience. I liked recording it because it was fun to go into the booths, practice and record the D.C story, and edit it. The easiest part was probably recording because all we had to do was to was say it into the micro-phone and save the Corel file.

Our story-clip is about a girl called Jemima who had no idea how dangerous the Inter-net could be….




It was a lot of work to make all of this in two double sessions and some at home but in the end, it was achievable and so fun to create at school and at home.

I hope you enjoyed the video and if there is anything you think I could do better, please feel free to comment feedback.

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