Term 3 Goals


Hi Guys,

This Term there are a few reading goals I would like to achieve throughout the rest of the year. These include certain routines to help fit in a good amount of reading, what genres I would like to explore and how I am going about achieving them.

I thought that this term it would be good to use the same routine I have been using all the time. I read before I go to bed for about half an hour to an hour and in my spare time. I like to do this because it works time-wise for me and helps my imagination get working before I go to sleep. This term I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire which is in the fantasy genre. That is what I will be exploring this term because I hardly ever read fantasy novels and I think I will really them.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there are heaps of interesting and cool words that I have hardly ever seen in books. These include:



He gathered a fistful of robe from his knee and tried to rub it clean it surreptitiously.



The arguement continued to exasperate her and she turned to leave without another remark.



I find it makes quite temperamental wands.


You can tell that Those lines are from Harry Potter because of the last sentence! I will be striving to achieve the goal of finishing the Harry Potter series by the end of the September holidays because I have 3 books after the one I am reading to go. I would recommend this series to basically anyone because it is such a great book, especially if you love a fantasy novel that you never want to put down!

I will be doing a Reading Rant about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soon so if you would like to see what it is about or want some inspiration for the next book to read, then I suggest you head over to my Reading Rant page and check out some of my latest Rants.

I hope this has been useful in teaching you one or more new words and that is has been interesting to read.untitled





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