Maths 300 VS Sheet Activity – Building Views

Hi Guys,

The past few weeks my class and I have been working on a project called building views. It is basically where you have a heap of blocks on a – as we used – four by four grid and record the different amounts of blocks we see from the front, back, left and right. We have to make sure that we fill all the spaces and each block doesn’t overlap and change the view of the ones in front and behind it.


The first step task was to record in our books the front view and side views of a selection of grids with the blocks in them. Once we had completed that, we had to take it a little bit further and try to make the right front and side views using the least amount of blocks. We had to find out the lowest number, highest number, and the different ways of making those varied combinations. After that, we went onto the Math’s 300 software and started to have a go at the problems in a completely different way to before.

Math’s 300 was much more complex and difficult to complete as we needed to fill in all of the spaces, not just enough to ensure all of the sides had the right amount of blocks on it and non were overlapping. There were two buttons X-ray and Compare. They made it al lot easier to complete the problems because the compare button, when pressed, showed the collumns and combination you had in the answer box so that you could see which numbers were wrong and if when you changed then they are right without pressing check. The X-ray button helped to see which numbers were in the middle without guessing because when pressed, you can hover over the columns and it shows you what is behind the blocks in front. It was extremely difficult for me to get the hang of the app’s version of Building views because of the way the X-ray button, compare button and the different views worked. The hardest part was figuring out where the blocks in the middle went without the X-ray button. It was mainly trial and error to get the right answer but in the end, you would always find it.

My favorite task was The first one because I liked building the combinations and creating the little buildings with the blocks. It was fun to record the little graphs in our books and compare then to others  later on.

The strategies I used to see what was in the middle were just to use common sense because, if you had a 2, a 3 and another 2 surrounding the center, then you would have to have something below 2 to be able to fit there without disturbing the views from the other sides. For the sides, I did what was explained to me which was putting the numbers for the front view, in a row at the bottom of the grid, the right view numbers on the right, and so on. Once I got the hang of it, it was actually quite easy apart from the middle which was always tricky.


It was strange, because at the start, I couldn’t really find the math’s in the whole task. Then, I thought hey, there actually is heaps of math’s and other stuff in it. There is special awareness and making it easier for people to do tasks like this if the keep practicing, there was problem solving, because you had to find out how to work the Math’s 300 and how to get all of the numbers, there was also just a whole load of brain power and concentration used to persist and think hard at how to solve all the problems and record them.


Overall, it was such a fun task with heaps of learning and I was challenged to a good length. I learned how to persist and it improved my spacial awareness.

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Term 3 Passion Projects!


Hi Guys,

I am SO excited to start our new passion projects because last term I had heaps of fun and I was already looking forward to doing another one. This time I am partnering up with my friend Mikayla because last time when I did it by myself, it was good but I feel like I should do something completely different to last term.

We’ve have finally decided on making a comedy film about a new, popular app called Pokémon Go! It is basically the normal Pokémon game (you walk around and on a little map on the app, you try to catch Pokémon that are hiding in the area)  Except it uses the actual google maps and you catch the Pokémon right in front of you through the phone or device. Since it is super popular with lots of people, we thought that it would entertain everyone who watched it in year 6, girls and boys. Our original idea was to write a picture book, I would write it and Mikayla would of Illustrated it. The only reason we changed it was because, when Mrs. Stafford was briefing us on the important parts of our projects, she went over and over again on how important it was to be making this for your audience, not for you. It got me thinking, would everyone think that a picture book was really good and kind of entertaining? I thought not. Then I remembered Pokémon Go! It was popular so I thought hey, everyone would find it entertaining and funny because it is such a big thing, mostly everyone would of played it at some point.

The whole point/message is just to entertain people by making a hilarious film about something lots of people love or hate. I think everyone will enjoy it because they will all at least know what it is and even if they don’t, it will still be funny and overall a good Project outcome.

I talked to Mikayla about it and she thought it was a great idea so we went with it!

The part I am most excited about is the Production Stage which will start next week. We have organized it together and are ready to start our Shot list.

My next post will be when I start and finish my Shot list and everything else that  goes into planning a great film. Until then, Bye!




Author Intent



Hi Everyone,

I have recently finished reading a book called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It is about Harry (obviously) and his name was mysteriously put into the goblet of fire, consequently making him forced to enter a terrible and dangerous Contest called the Tri-Wizard Tournament. If you would like all the details then I suggest you cross over to my Reading Rant page right now as I have just completed one about this very book.

I have been thinking. What is the message of this book.? What is the message of what I am writing or reading right now? Well, I would like to share what you have I have come up with.

The message of this book I think, is just for entertainment. Since it is set in the fantasy genre and is completely made up with no real lessons to be learned or real life situations, I decided that there really wasn’t much of a lesson or a take away for the reader apart from that that was such a great book. I have tried thinking about what was actually happening to harry and maybe it connecting with reality but I truly can’t find any form of a real life situat



While reading this book, I have come across three words that I find interesting and I think you will too.




To make a gesture; Moving hands to emphasize something.


Muttering and gesticulating, He appeared to be talking to some him alone could see. It reminded Harry of an old tramp he had seen when out shopping with the Dursleys. That man too, had been conversing wildly with thin air.




To untangle something; Freeing an object of being tangled.


While Professor Trelawney was looking the other way, disentangling her shawl from a lamp, he opened it an inch or so and settled back in his armchair, so that a soft breeze played across his face. It was extremely comfortable.




Like the word extremely; usually used with the before the word hot, to emphasize the temperature of the room/place.


The dimly lit room was swelteringly hot. The fumes from the perfumed fire were heavier than ever. Harry’s head swam as he tried to listen to Professor Trelawney. His eyes landed on the curtained window.





I would recommend this great book to anyone – kids or adults. If you would love to enjoy an enthralling and sometimes baffling story that draws you into the world of magic and muggles, that you will have to be renched from to stop you reading on, then this amazing novel is for you. I will be completing a Reading Rant this week on it so if you would like more info, then i suggest you visit my Reading Rant page.




I truly hope that you have learned something from this post. Maybe a new word or maybe just what book i am reading at the moment. remember to check out my Reading Rant page if you are interested in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.



Digital Citizenship




What is Digital Citizenship? Is it important? Well, I am here to show you that it is.

In Inquiry, while the other half of year six have been working on presenting their scripts, my half have been creating D.C story clips based on a film clip we saw at the start of term. We partnered up and started to work on our scripts. The hardest part was probably coming up with the script to record because it was just really hard to think of a story that flowed and got the message across to the audience. I liked recording it because it was fun to go into the booths, practice and record the D.C story, and edit it. The easiest part was probably recording because all we had to do was to was say it into the micro-phone and save the Corel file.

Our story-clip is about a girl called Jemima who had no idea how dangerous the Inter-net could be….




It was a lot of work to make all of this in two double sessions and some at home but in the end, it was achievable and so fun to create at school and at home.

I hope you enjoyed the video and if there is anything you think I could do better, please feel free to comment feedback.

Term 3 Goals


Hi Guys,

This Term there are a few reading goals I would like to achieve throughout the rest of the year. These include certain routines to help fit in a good amount of reading, what genres I would like to explore and how I am going about achieving them.

I thought that this term it would be good to use the same routine I have been using all the time. I read before I go to bed for about half an hour to an hour and in my spare time. I like to do this because it works time-wise for me and helps my imagination get working before I go to sleep. This term I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire which is in the fantasy genre. That is what I will be exploring this term because I hardly ever read fantasy novels and I think I will really them.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there are heaps of interesting and cool words that I have hardly ever seen in books. These include:



He gathered a fistful of robe from his knee and tried to rub it clean it surreptitiously.



The arguement continued to exasperate her and she turned to leave without another remark.



I find it makes quite temperamental wands.


You can tell that Those lines are from Harry Potter because of the last sentence! I will be striving to achieve the goal of finishing the Harry Potter series by the end of the September holidays because I have 3 books after the one I am reading to go. I would recommend this series to basically anyone because it is such a great book, especially if you love a fantasy novel that you never want to put down!

I will be doing a Reading Rant about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soon so if you would like to see what it is about or want some inspiration for the next book to read, then I suggest you head over to my Reading Rant page and check out some of my latest Rants.

I hope this has been useful in teaching you one or more new words and that is has been interesting to read.untitled