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Hi everyone,

I am finally up to getting feedback on my passion project! Today at school, my friend Samantha gave me some feedback on my project which is now finished!

She thought that it was very good but I could have presented it in a different way. I understand what she means because publishing the paintings on a pin board with annotations is a bit strange but it worked with what I was trying to do. She suggested that I do a film instead.

I decided to keep it the way it was in the first place because if I did it in a film, it would take to long and everyone else were doing films. I was originally going to do an instructional film but like I said, everybody were doing films and I decided not to do the same thing as the rest of the class.

Next time I might do a film instead but for now, look out for my next post about finally completing my passion project!

One thought on “Passion Project Feed Back

  1. Great reflections on your feedback Emmaline. I really like that you have decided to stick to the reasons why you chose not to do a film in the first place – you will need to think about how you are going to present your project to your audience next week in class.

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