Hi everyone,

I have worked all term and finally my passion project is complete! It came out exactly how I wanted it to except for one or two of the paintings but that is ok. The easiest part was pinning up all the paintings and white paper to the board. The hardest part was reflecting on everything I had done in the annotations and actually doing the paintings themselves.

My favorite part was painting with watercolor because I love painting, it is so fun and relaxing. I liked to experiment with the colors and water to create great effects or cool colors. The part I didn’t like that much was when I had to reflect in my blog posts because even though it keeps track of what you are doing and is great for others to read, it made everything take longer and I liked doing the crafty stuff more.

Next time I would of probably presented it in a different way or somehow be able to include all of the paintings I did not just five of them. I did think that those five paintings were quite good and I liked the contrast between the types of landscape – I did different types of paintings not just on scene over and over again.


Overall this was really fun and I learned how to do a water color sunset and some great techniques like gradients, realistic water, good realistic grass textures and how too do clouds without white paint.



I really enjoyed this project because it allows you to dig deep into your passions and explore the things you love.

Passion Project Feed Back





Hi everyone,

I am finally up to getting feedback on my passion project! Today at school, my friend Samantha gave me some feedback on my project which is now finished!

She thought that it was very good but I could have presented it in a different way. I understand what she means because publishing the paintings on a pin board with annotations is a bit strange but it worked with what I was trying to do. She suggested that I do a film instead.

I decided to keep it the way it was in the first place because if I did it in a film, it would take to long and everyone else were doing films. I was originally going to do an instructional film but like I said, everybody were doing films and I decided not to do the same thing as the rest of the class.

Next time I might do a film instead but for now, look out for my next post about finally completing my passion project!