Passion Project Production

Hi Everyone,


I have finally reached the production stage of my passion project! I have planned and brainstormed up to this point to actually create my passion project. I have 4 paintings which i have pinned to my pin board with white paper underneath them so that i can write anatations about each painting next to it and tips on how to do a good watercolour painting. I have based them on the beach, the great ocean road, flowers and the Sydney harbour bridge.

The hardest part was finding the inspiration for the painting and actually painting it. It was hard because i couldn’t think of any topics that were not easy or hard to paint and that looked good. Painting it was hard because i had to try and get the right colours and perspective for the certain types of scenery and get the proportions right so everything looked realistic.

I overcame the challenges by thinking of paintings i have done before and using that as a starting point to create one using the same idea but differently.

Some good things went my way though! I got the perfect colour for the water in the beach scene and a good gradient in the great ocean road scene. I loved the way i got a great colour gradient between blue and yellow for a sunset.

Overall it was fun, challenging and educational. Look out for my next post about getting Feedback on my Passion Project!

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