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Today I am going to talk about words. They don’t sound interesting but trust me, they really are. There are so many different ways you can vary them and it is just amazing what emotions words you can feel just by hearing a bunch of them all together, skillfully made to make you feel that way. But there are some particular words I am going to be paying close attention to. These include Malignant, Repugnant, Deter,¬†Ambivalent,¬†Automaton and Biennale all from the book The Clock work Three, which I have recently done a different post about. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Malignant – Full of hate with and a desire to harm


2. Repugnant – Distasteful or un Pleasant



3. Deter – To discourage or prevent from doing something



4. Ambivalent – Having opposite or conflicting feelings about someone or something




5. Automaton – A mechanical device made to imitate a human being



6. Biennale – An exhibition usually of art shown every two years



These words are so cool I thought you would like to see them. Once again I recommend this book to children my age up to adults because it is kind of grown up but also written for my age group. If you like books based in an older age that fit into the genre historical fiction or just normal fiction, than this is for you!

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