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In week 2 of this term, we have started on a new project called a Passion Project. It is part of our home learning and as the name suggests, it is about one of our passions. Before we began, each person had to think of their own personal passion, something they felt a connection with or is a big part of their life. I had a few topics to choose from but one stuck out at me. Water colour. I have Water colour art in my blood. My Nan paint, my uncle paints, and my aunty from the other side paints. I just love picking up a brush and doing a painting so I decided to do Water colour as my passion project. It was hard to choose because I do love a lot of others things I am Passionate about but this one is really close to me.

At first I was going to do a film on how to do water colour and to give tips and things like that. I changed my mind because everyone else were doing films and I didn’t really feel like a film would work for painting so I then chose to do a display of my work instead of an instructional film. I thought if this because I have a Pin board in my room which I don’t really use that much so I thought it would be a good idea to put white A4 paper on top of it to give it a cleaner, newer look and then pin my painting on it with anatations about them on the white paper next to it. So far I have 5 small A4 sized paintings and I am going to do one, big one on the back which will be like the focus. I am going well with this so far and think I will get it finished by week 9.


If you have a Passion, why don’t you create a project with it. It is fun, educational and you get to explore deeper into what you connect with.

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  1. I love that you have discussed your ideas and also explained your passion to your audience in this post Emmaline!

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