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Today I am posting about events that I have read in a book. I will be ordering them and they from 1 to 10. The book I have chosen is called Punchlines. It is a book by Oliver Phommavanh  . He visited the school last year and did a talk about his books. They them put them for sale at the Library and I bought one.

  1. The main Character Johnny Khamka realises that yeah, he did like to make people laugh for fun, but now he wants to take it  professionaly and become a comedian.
  2. His homeroom teacher announces that there will be a comedy competition and that they will be entering a couple of people if they wanted to.
  3. Johnny is ecstatic about the comp and has come up with a few lines already.
  4. Finally the day is here, The funny Bones Comedy Competition. Johnny kills it and the crowd love him. He’s through to the next round!
  5. Johnny starts working on his routine for the second round and makes some jokes about his friend Razeal and his girlfriend Kristen. He has also started going to to a club called the Jokey Pokey to get some experience with stand-up with out his dad’s permission.
  6. Johnny is so fed up with his family friend Josie’s Boyfriend Ken that he decides to make another mean joke about people he cares about and puts it in his set for the next round.
  7. After going behind his dad’s back for a while, he is caught and banned from the Jokey Pokey AND THE FUNNY BONES COMP!
  8. Johnny is really annoyed and fed up with his dad and goes to the comp anyway with his mum’s permission and not his dad’s
  9. His routine with the mean, terrible comments doesn’t go down well with his friends or the judges and doesn’t get through to the finals. On the other hand, he wins his dad’s opinion over and now has both parents supporting him.
  10. Finally Johnny gets Razeal and Josie to forgive him, even though he doesn’t get though, he is happy because he has balanced out his life and know’s what he is going to continue with in the future with EVERYONE helping him along the way.

I hope you would consider reading this book because I think it is a great book. I didn’t give all the details so if you read the book you won’t know exactly what happens.

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