Math’s Shape Animation 2D to 3D

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In Math’s Project this term so far, we’ve looked at 2D and 3D shapes and their 2D nets. Another thing we have been looking at is the Vertices, faces, apexes and edges. The shapes we have focused on are Triangular prisms, square based pyramids, triangle based pyramids, pentagonal prisms and a few others. After we had researched these shapes and learned a lot about the different 2D nets we chose groups of 3 or 4 and were asked to choose one 3D shape. We were asked to create a short film with a great storyline, good audio and it had to incorporate the facts about the shape you chose into it somehow. ¬†I was in a group with Abbi and Samantha. Our film was about saving pandas because we used a pentagonal prism for the cage that the pandas were transported in.


The hardest most difficult part was the wires connecting to the pentagonal prism so we could lift it in. It was so hard to use them because they kept breaking off and swinging around, it was overall challenging to control them. it was also difficult to get the voice overs to match the footage and fit together in the film.


I learned that it is really hard to make a stop motion right the first time because everything needs to be perfect and you can’t have a hand in one single picture without ruining it.


If I could have the chance to do this again I would of put the chrome key on because in our editing stage we didn’t have enough time and I would of added the music we chose into the finished version.








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