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Hello bloggers,

I found this Powerful sentence in a book I am reading called Wild Wood and thought you would be interested to hear it.

A powerful Sentence is just a bunch of words that convey a message to the readers or stands out from the rest of a book. It was hard to pick between these sentences because the paragraph was filled with powerful sentences so I will write the paragraph and highlight the one sentence.


The Individual birds were now indiscernible from the mass, and the murder coalesced into a single, convulsive shape, blotting out the flat light of the afternoon sun. The shape swung and bowed in the air, and the noise of their beating wings and screeching cries became deafening. Prue cast about, to see if anyone else was witnessing this bizarre event, but she was terrified to see that she was alone. And then the crows dove. Their cry became a single unified scream as the cloud of crows feinted skyward before diving at a ferocious speed toward her baby brother.



I think this sentence is so powerful because of the way the author described the crows and the similes and metaphors they used made it really strong. The words they used put a really good picture in my mind

I know I left you on a cliff hanger on that paragraph but if you want to know what happened, get the book!

2 thoughts on “Powerful Sentences

  1. Hi Emmaline,
    When I was reading though your blog I just happen to notice that the start it says ” I am reading called” shouldn’t it be, I am reading a book called? If I am wrong please let me know!!!!! But other wise I though it was good!! ???

  2. Hi Emmaline,

    First of all I love your description in your blog post. I think it really explains what a “Powerful Sentence” is. I love how you chose an awesome sentence and your image is very true.

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