Everybody’s reading routine is different. Some read before bed like me, some read in the mornings, some read anytime really and some don’t read at all.

This term I am going to follow reading before bed. It relaxes me and gets my imagination going.

What genres do you want to explore this term and why?

When I read, I don’t always read the same genre. I get inspiration from friends or they recommend me books. I nearly always enjoy them. Right now I am reading the Tom Gates series because Samantha recommended them to me. I am finding them really entertaining. The types of genres I want to explore are humour and Graphic Novels. Humour because I never read funny books and Graphic Novels because Mikayla recommended them to me.

Goals For the Term

When we finish our books, we are encouraged to do a Reading rant. A reading rant is a post that has all the info you need about the book you just finished,

This term I hope to complete at least 5 reading rants so that would be 1 each fortnight. I already have one so I think I will get there. I also want to finish the Tom Gates series because I am onto the second one and I am really enjoying them.




I think I can improve by doing my Reading Rants a bit earlier because I always leave it a little later than when I finish the book.

I think I could also put a little more detail into my regular reading blog posts and to read My books more quickly so I have more to blog about.




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  1. good job Emmaline this is a very good post, I like how you answered the questions also what is your favorite book? 😉

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