My Character Analysis

My Character Analysis will be on a popular book which has recently been made into a movie. Snoopy. Snoopy was written by Charles M. Schulz and I have picked one of the books from the Peanuts Series to base the events and storyline on. It is called Man’s Best friend. I have chosen the main character Charlie Brown. Charlie brown is a kid with low self esteem and cares very much for his dog Snoopy. He has many friends although they kind of ignore his opinions sometimes. He feels as though every thing is going wrong for him. I like him because I think he can relate to people in the real world and he is really funny. I kind of feel sympathy for him when I read of his misfortunes because I imagine if I was in that same position. He enjoys flying a kite but no matter how hard he tries, it is never the right time to fly it. He still keeps persisting. Charlie Brown is always trying even though he almost never wins.

I think snoopy is a really creative cartoon/book series and if you haven’t read or seen one of the books yet, I think you should go down to the library and grab a book right now.


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  1. Wonderful Emmaline. I love the fact that you didn’t just do a quick post to get this done, but instead you described Charlie really well. As well as Mrs. Stafford I think you just need to describe Snoopy a bit more and talk about what his life is like. But other than that this post is great and you should keep up the good work!

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