Tinker cad flower pot

Today in tinker cad, I made the pot, petals and stem of the flower in a pot. My old design got deleted somehow so I had to re make it. The stem is a thin fable stick thing and the petals are little ovals stuck onto the center, a little sphere.  I found the controls hard again because the petals kept getting pushed forward and backwards so I couldn’t get in the right place. I’ve put a square on the base, then a small shallow hole in the top of the square. On top of the hole, you put a small thin stick like stem on which the sphere is put to connect the petals to. I didn’t get to finish the petals but I got most of the positioning right so that they join together and to the sphere and still look like an actual flower. I’ll probably get the petals finished in the next programming session.tinker cad32657034-74

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