Big thing test lesson.

Today was our testing session of the big thing. We tried to see if all the machine components joined on to each other’s design. My group got in trouble with the teachers because our machine was to high to fit the group before us. We tried and tried to make it work but nothing connected in a way that would connect to Ben’s. By the time we got all of this sorted out it was lunch, we had no design and nothing to present. We ended up having to take out the tube so all our group’s plan for the last term was reduce to a box and funnel. A box and funnel. My group was upset but we got over it in the end because it was inly a machine and hey, that’s life. Anyway, at least our part from the machine worked well with ben’s and Ceci’s design before and after us.


My prediction was that our component would work some of the time but other times it would fail but seeing as it was reduced to a simple thing, it worked every time. Hopefully, next time my group project will work instead of failing miserably.

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