Tinker Cad dimensions

Today during the big thing, we had finished our machine. The option for people who were finished was to do their programming challenge. I had to get mine ready to print so to do that I had to get the dimensions of every thing that I was going to print on that specific program page. I had a couple of key rings and a pencil holder. The key ring’s dimensions were that they were all 4 mm high and the first one was 20 mm by 25.06 mm wide.The second one was 22.44 mm by 21.03 mm wide. The third 11 mm by 23.25 mm wide. The fourth was 22 mm by 15 mm wide. The last one was 16.78 mm by 17.28 mm wide. My favorite key ring was the first one which was an E.


The key rings were positioned in a way that when you scrolled down with the control view, you could see it firmly on the base design. They are basically just letters with a hole at the top so that you can connect it to a key chain. I know the pencil cup will work because like the rings, I can see it firmly on the base. I know the hole in the pencil holder will work because when you click on it, you can see where it is. I have placed it in the middle of the cup so that it has about 4 mm of space around the edge so the sides will be about the same measurement in thickness.



The pencil holder was 66 mm high and 57 mm deep. That leaves 9 mm at the bottom. With the dimensions that when I measured it against a ruler, it was only about 4 cm high and about two centimeters to put pencils in. I decided I had to make it bigger and wider. If I kept it, it would of been to frail to hold pencils. The new measurements are 80 mm by 83 mm in width, 142 mm high and 122.64 mm in depth. The thickness of the walls of the pencil holder is now 8.51 mm Now by my calculations, there should be a good amount of space at the bottom of the holder to keep it’s balance. If it doesn’t have balance, the pencils with make it fall over. I hope now it will be ready to print.

.tinker cad 10050tinker acd 100003002



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