Programming and the Big Thing


Today we had a session of tinker cad and a session of the big thing. In thinker cad I was ready to print so I put my name down on the list to print. I them started on a key ring for my friend Jade and my new project the flower. I got about the first quarter done, which is the flower pot and some of the stem. Jade’s key ring is a round smiley face cat with a little bow on it’s chin. I’ll probably work on them at home tonight.


In the big thing, I finally got my marble roller back together and we connected to Ceci’s machine again and helped Ben to get his plan to connect but he had to change it. On our machine, we decorated it and made sure that Ceci’s one worked and connected to Ellie’s machine. We then had one problem. Our machine randomly stopped working. We found out that it was because there wasn’t enough momentum in the drop to have the end going up to the rest of Ceci’s machine. We put a funnel there so it works now. The funnel was to give it a drop so it had enough momentum. all the kinks and faults were fixed. our machine was finished.

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