THE CAY – Class book Term 4

This book started when the Germans decided to bomb curacao, the home of a young white boy named Phillip. They were bombing as the island of curacao because they were supplying oil for the opposite army. Without any oil, they can’t fight. His mother sees the island as being dangerous now that the Germans were bombing, she and Philip then boarded a boat which was soon sunk by the German u – boats. Phillip, who had inherited his mothers views about black people, had then become stranded on a life raft with limited supplies, and a black man named Timothy. Timothy was about 70 and talked with a strong accent of some sort. Over a series of months they found an island, That’s when Phillip realized that Timothy didn’t actually have any education and didn’t know how to write, spell, or do any math or anything. They managed to attract a plane to come rescue them. Phillip’s views about black people changed completely when he became blind.



My view of the characters is that Phillip is a typical racist kid who has only ever heard what racist people think about black people so has no idea what they are actually like and just assumes those things. He is a typical white boy who has never heard any better than what his mother says. Timothy on the other hand is completely the opposite. He is an understanding black man who has patience with others that are perhaps in the wrong or not as wise as himself. I think that Timothy is a very good, kind, warming character that would put anyone before himself. Phillip changes a lot during his time on the island with only Timothy to rely on and no vision. At the end of the book, Phillip says that he thinks that his friend Henrik Van Boven seems childish and young, which implies that he has grown a lot on the island with Timothy.



My opinion of the book is that it is a great book about not judging a book by it’s cover or in other words not to judge anything without any real info or knowledge of this person or thing. Also not to be racist when you don’t even know anything about black people. I think it is a great book about friendship and is really good to read to children to teach them about racism and judgment. I enjoyed it a lot and  recommend it to anyone who likes  a good book and an interesting read.


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  1. Nice Job Emmaline! Maybe add something about how Timothy didn’t have an actual education but was very clever about how they survived on the Cay.

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