Big thing lesson 4 and 5

WIN_20151105_125817WIN_20151105_125807WIN_20151105_125803Today on the 5th of November 2015, we had our 4th big thing lesson. The disagreeing from last lesson fired up again as we hadn’t changed our design as they wanted us to. My opinion is that we physically couldn’t move our machine as we had a corkscrew and if we made our machine any smaller, than we wouldn’t have enough momentum. When we tried to move it, it wouldn’t budge as it was already cardboard screwed in.


Prudence thought of a way to make it work but we didn’t agree. She ended up doing it even though we didn’t want to. It still didn’t work because of the shape of the tube. it bended when it needed to be straight for the other group’s thing to connect. We got over Prudence’s Fault and then continued the rest of the lesson. Still it hadn’t worked but I think that next session thing would we different.





Today we had more disagreeing and my hope for the next lesson is definitely wrong. We ended up having to take apart our whole machine just because the other group wasn’t changing the worst part is we had absolutely nothing by the end of the lesson and we only have three more lessons until we had to be finished. We’ve actually come up with a plan but we had to test it and make it first.



I’m not entirely sure what the full proof plan is but I’m pretty sure it’s going to work. Hopefully.


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