Programming Scratch

Today in the big thing, e had to do programming or help another group if we had finished. We couldn’t find a group that didn’t already have help so we did programming. Since my tinker cad is ready to print (they just have to unblock the printer) I decided to do scratch as a change instead. I programmed a dance animation and it has dancing farm animals like a flash mob. It took about half and hour or more to get the figures right without destroying them and the rest of the lesson to program them. So far I have finished one tinker cad project, started another and started and finished a scratch one even though I probably will make some changes to make it better. The characters are a massive dog, a fox, a horse and a dove. The dog jumps up and down, the horse leaps, the dove flaps it’s wings and the fox kind of glitches.


In the big thing test, we had to make sure that our machine joined and connected on to the components  before and after ours. Seeing as ours was just a funnel stuck into a box, we didn’t really have to make any changes because it was already finished and even if the other group changed theirs somehow we wouldn’t because it was literally just a funnel.


Tinker cad flower pot

Today in tinker cad, I made the pot, petals and stem of the flower in a pot. My old design got deleted somehow so I had to re make it. The stem is a thin fable stick thing and the petals are little ovals stuck onto the center, a little sphere.  I found the controls hard again because the petals kept getting pushed forward and backwards so I couldn’t get in the right place. I’ve put a square on the base, then a small shallow hole in the top of the square. On top of the hole, you put a small thin stick like stem on which the sphere is put to connect the petals to. I didn’t get to finish the petals but I got most of the positioning right so that they join together and to the sphere and still look like an actual flower. I’ll probably get the petals finished in the next programming session.tinker cad32657034-74

Big thing test lesson.

Today was our testing session of the big thing. We tried to see if all the machine components joined on to each other’s design. My group got in trouble with the teachers because our machine was to high to fit the group before us. We tried and tried to make it work but nothing connected in a way that would connect to Ben’s. By the time we got all of this sorted out it was lunch, we had no design and nothing to present. We ended up having to take out the tube so all our group’s plan for the last term was reduce to a box and funnel. A box and funnel. My group was upset but we got over it in the end because it was inly a machine and hey, that’s life. Anyway, at least our part from the machine worked well with ben’s and Ceci’s design before and after us.


My prediction was that our component would work some of the time but other times it would fail but seeing as it was reduced to a simple thing, it worked every time. Hopefully, next time my group project will work instead of failing miserably.

Tinker Cad dimensions

Today during the big thing, we had finished our machine. The option for people who were finished was to do their programming challenge. I had to get mine ready to print so to do that I had to get the dimensions of every thing that I was going to print on that specific program page. I had a couple of key rings and a pencil holder. The key ring’s dimensions were that they were all 4 mm high and the first one was 20 mm by 25.06 mm wide.The second one was 22.44 mm by 21.03 mm wide. The third 11 mm by 23.25 mm wide. The fourth was 22 mm by 15 mm wide. The last one was 16.78 mm by 17.28 mm wide. My favorite key ring was the first one which was an E.


The key rings were positioned in a way that when you scrolled down with the control view, you could see it firmly on the base design. They are basically just letters with a hole at the top so that you can connect it to a key chain. I know the pencil cup will work because like the rings, I can see it firmly on the base. I know the hole in the pencil holder will work because when you click on it, you can see where it is. I have placed it in the middle of the cup so that it has about 4 mm of space around the edge so the sides will be about the same measurement in thickness.



The pencil holder was 66 mm high and 57 mm deep. That leaves 9 mm at the bottom. With the dimensions that when I measured it against a ruler, it was only about 4 cm high and about two centimeters to put pencils in. I decided I had to make it bigger and wider. If I kept it, it would of been to frail to hold pencils. The new measurements are 80 mm by 83 mm in width, 142 mm high and 122.64 mm in depth. The thickness of the walls of the pencil holder is now 8.51 mm Now by my calculations, there should be a good amount of space at the bottom of the holder to keep it’s balance. If it doesn’t have balance, the pencils with make it fall over. I hope now it will be ready to print.

.tinker cad 10050tinker acd 100003002



Programming and the Big Thing


Today we had a session of tinker cad and a session of the big thing. In thinker cad I was ready to print so I put my name down on the list to print. I them started on a key ring for my friend Jade and my new project the flower. I got about the first quarter done, which is the flower pot and some of the stem. Jade’s key ring is a round smiley face cat with a little bow on it’s chin. I’ll probably work on them at home tonight.


In the big thing, I finally got my marble roller back together and we connected to Ceci’s machine again and helped Ben to get his plan to connect but he had to change it. On our machine, we decorated it and made sure that Ceci’s one worked and connected to Ellie’s machine. We then had one problem. Our machine randomly stopped working. We found out that it was because there wasn’t enough momentum in the drop to have the end going up to the rest of Ceci’s machine. We put a funnel there so it works now. The funnel was to give it a drop so it had enough momentum. all the kinks and faults were fixed. our machine was finished.

THE CAY – Class book Term 4

This book started when the Germans decided to bomb curacao, the home of a young white boy named Phillip. They were bombing as the island of curacao because they were supplying oil for the opposite army. Without any oil, they can’t fight. His mother sees the island as being dangerous now that the Germans were bombing, she and Philip then boarded a boat which was soon sunk by the German u – boats. Phillip, who had inherited his mothers views about black people, had then become stranded on a life raft with limited supplies, and a black man named Timothy. Timothy was about 70 and talked with a strong accent of some sort. Over a series of months they found an island, That’s when Phillip realized that Timothy didn’t actually have any education and didn’t know how to write, spell, or do any math or anything. They managed to attract a plane to come rescue them. Phillip’s views about black people changed completely when he became blind.



My view of the characters is that Phillip is a typical racist kid who has only ever heard what racist people think about black people so has no idea what they are actually like and just assumes those things. He is a typical white boy who has never heard any better than what his mother says. Timothy on the other hand is completely the opposite. He is an understanding black man who has patience with others that are perhaps in the wrong or not as wise as himself. I think that Timothy is a very good, kind, warming character that would put anyone before himself. Phillip changes a lot during his time on the island with only Timothy to rely on and no vision. At the end of the book, Phillip says that he thinks that his friend Henrik Van Boven seems childish and young, which implies that he has grown a lot on the island with Timothy.



My opinion of the book is that it is a great book about not judging a book by it’s cover or in other words not to judge anything without any real info or knowledge of this person or thing. Also not to be racist when you don’t even know anything about black people. I think it is a great book about friendship and is really good to read to children to teach them about racism and judgment. I enjoyed it a lot and  recommend it to anyone who likes  a good book and an interesting read.


the caythe cay 2the cay3

Big thing lesson 4 and 5

WIN_20151105_125817WIN_20151105_125807WIN_20151105_125803Today on the 5th of November 2015, we had our 4th big thing lesson. The disagreeing from last lesson fired up again as we hadn’t changed our design as they wanted us to. My opinion is that we physically couldn’t move our machine as we had a corkscrew and if we made our machine any smaller, than we wouldn’t have enough momentum. When we tried to move it, it wouldn’t budge as it was already cardboard screwed in.


Prudence thought of a way to make it work but we didn’t agree. She ended up doing it even though we didn’t want to. It still didn’t work because of the shape of the tube. it bended when it needed to be straight for the other group’s thing to connect. We got over Prudence’s Fault and then continued the rest of the lesson. Still it hadn’t worked but I think that next session thing would we different.





Today we had more disagreeing and my hope for the next lesson is definitely wrong. We ended up having to take apart our whole machine just because the other group wasn’t changing the worst part is we had absolutely nothing by the end of the lesson and we only have three more lessons until we had to be finished. We’ve actually come up with a plan but we had to test it and make it first.



I’m not entirely sure what the full proof plan is but I’m pretty sure it’s going to work. Hopefully.