Our Group plan – Big thing.

Today on the 26/10/15 we have created our group plan. The plan is finished and finalized now so we know exactly what to do.


IMG_0487OIMG_0483ur plan is to have a tube that carries a marble. The marble then goes down the  tube through a plastic cup and then completes a corkscrew. The marble then hits some dominos that trigger the rest of the machine.





We soon found out that we had  to join our contraption onto another groups one. We decided to go with Ceci and Tilly’s group because theirs started low and ours started high. The ramp in our group plan wouldn’t work because in Tilly and Ceci’s plan, their design started with a ramp and ours ended in one so we had to cut that out of our plan in order to join to theirs.


In the end we decided to go with just the corkscrew and plastic cup part. This lesson was basically to find  group you could join onto and figure out a way for it to work.




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