Tinker cad – what am I going to create?

tinbker cad  pencil holder tinker cad tinker cad 3 tinker cad 2 On Tinker cad I am working to improve my jewelry making skillsĀ on Tinker Cad. I’m trying to make a necklace and other accessories. If I put a small hole through the pendants or ear rings or whatever it is so you can either hang it on a chain or to do whatever you need to do to make it work.


My other achievements I would like to make a pencil holder or some sort of cup. I was hoping to make it so that it had little holes in the sides for decoration or to stick some patterns or letters . I did tinker cad for my elective a couple of terms ago so I am really only going to try to improve my tinkering by a bit.



I might even try to make an I-phone case!






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