Robotics term 3/4 (summary)

snippy nippy nooIn summary I’ve learned a lot from robotics. At first I’ve learned how to program Lego robots let alone build them and test them and learn all of this in only two terms. I’m basically an expert at this sort of thing now.  I think that it is a great part of learning. I’ve made a program back in term three that makes the robot look from left to middle to right and them says that it’s is watching you. it then starts to laugh madly and then shuts down.  Then in term 4, now, I made a program that makes the robot follow a line. We shared our programs  with the teachers and whilst we were testing, we figured that our robot didn’t follow the line properly. The other 2 programs we had worked well.


Our group program is a sensing program, it senses walls and the colour yellow. This was the 2 programs that worked well when we were sharing with the teachers.


If I had another chance to change something from my experience, I would changes the sensing block in our line following program because the robot didn’t sense the line very well.


In summary I learned how to build, program, and test Lego robots.

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