VCE Arts Exhibition

Today On the 29th of October, we went to the senior school a little earlier than usual. We went to the Keith humble Centre for the VCE arts exhibition.  While we were there, we saw paintings, photos, bed frames, movies and heaps more. My favorite things were the bed frame, the tragedy of apple piece movie , the dresses and clothing and the marble elephant. AKA the elephant made out of marbles.


the bed frame was cool because I can’t believe some one actually made it. It was life size and I think it was beautifully made and designed.

Second of all, the tragedy of apple piece movie was rally funny. It started with the apple. they drew a face on it so it looked really funny. It was being chased by a knife and then got cornered by another one. The apple was surrounded. It got cut into about 50 little tiny pieces. One piece survived. It was apple piece. It had another really funny face. It was trying to find  it’s food group. It went past the oranges, the bananas, and a lot of other fruits. It finally found the odd shaped apples. It was so happy but as soon as it started to walk over, it got squished by a boot. I thought it was really good animation and was funny and clever.

I’m going to skip to the marble elephant now. I think it must of taken a lot of glue! it was basically heaps and heaps of marbles shaped as an elephant. it was really clever and must of taken a long time. It looked really detailed and very hard to make. I wish I could make something like that!



My favorite one out of all of then was a movie called tragedy of apple piece. I can’t wait for VCE to do our own project for the exhibition.

Tinker Cad – Project

On the 29th of October, we continued on the programming challenge. My challenge was to create a pencil holder and some other things in scratch. The pencil holder was the easiest thing to create because all I needed to do was to stretch a square and stretch it into a rectangle. The key chains were also easy but like I mentioned the easiest was the pencil holder the easiest. The hardest was making a trophy. I had to get the dimensions right for the half sphere and the height right for the printer to actually be able to print it.

tinker cad 6tinker cad 5tinker cad 4tinker cad 7

I learned that it is actually really hard to create something that looks easy.

The Big Thing – Lego stands

Today in the big thing, we found out that we had to use stands to keep the marble tube up right because we couldn’t tape it to anything. We decided on a plan in which the stands are made out of Lego. Our group thought that it was the quickest and easiest decision.


Once we actually got to the Lego box, there wasn’t enough Lego left for all five of our stands. I had the idea of using boxes as stands as it was actually easier than Lego and was quicker and the best solution to our problems. We were fortunate as there were the exact right amount of boxes for us. Three the same size – about 15 – 20 cm  in height, and two bigger ones for the starting point. Our plan changed quite a bit then.



IMG_0489 IMG_0484We also discovered the positions of each machine. Ours was lucky enough to start first!




Our Group plan – Big thing.

Today on the 26/10/15 we have created our group plan. The plan is finished and finalized now so we know exactly what to do.


IMG_0487OIMG_0483ur plan is to have a tube that carries a marble. The marble then goes down the  tube through a plastic cup and then completes a corkscrew. The marble then hits some dominos that trigger the rest of the machine.





We soon found out that we had  to join our contraption onto another groups one. We decided to go with Ceci and Tilly’s group because theirs started low and ours started high. The ramp in our group plan wouldn’t work because in Tilly and Ceci’s plan, their design started with a ramp and ours ended in one so we had to cut that out of our plan in order to join to theirs.


In the end we decided to go with just the corkscrew and plastic cup part. This lesson was basically to find  group you could join onto and figure out a way for it to work.




Tinker cad – what am I going to create?

tinbker cad  pencil holder tinker cad tinker cad 3 tinker cad 2 On Tinker cad I am working to improve my jewelry making skills on Tinker Cad. I’m trying to make a necklace and other accessories. If I put a small hole through the pendants or ear rings or whatever it is so you can either hang it on a chain or to do whatever you need to do to make it work.


My other achievements I would like to make a pencil holder or some sort of cup. I was hoping to make it so that it had little holes in the sides for decoration or to stick some patterns or letters . I did tinker cad for my elective a couple of terms ago so I am really only going to try to improve my tinkering by a bit.



I might even try to make an I-phone case!






Robotics term 3/4 (summary)

snippy nippy nooIn summary I’ve learned a lot from robotics. At first I’ve learned how to program Lego robots let alone build them and test them and learn all of this in only two terms. I’m basically an expert at this sort of thing now.  I think that it is a great part of learning. I’ve made a program back in term three that makes the robot look from left to middle to right and them says that it’s is watching you. it then starts to laugh madly and then shuts down.  Then in term 4, now, I made a program that makes the robot follow a line. We shared our programs  with the teachers and whilst we were testing, we figured that our robot didn’t follow the line properly. The other 2 programs we had worked well.


Our group program is a sensing program, it senses walls and the colour yellow. This was the 2 programs that worked well when we were sharing with the teachers.


If I had another chance to change something from my experience, I would changes the sensing block in our line following program because the robot didn’t sense the line very well.


In summary I learned how to build, program, and test Lego robots.

Helicopter NZ

Endless mountains for miles. Taking me from the water and to the mountain terrain. Never knowing if we will fall or keep till our destination. Most exciting experience of a life time never  to forget the feeling of flying a helicopter for the first time.

Landing on the glacier, I step onto icy mountain and cant see a town or man made monument for miles. My head is spinning, wondering how on earth we were standing on the remarkable staring down at nothing but pure  snow and rock. kilo meters from the ground, We get our picture taken. To remind us of this memorable event.


( The mountain’s name is actually, would you believe it, is the Remarkables.)

(This piece of writing is set in New Zealand)