Maker day

2 hours. One activity. Maker day was on the sixteenth of September on the third last day of term. There were¬†four activities. We were asked to chose two of the activities. Mine were…



I chose solar boats. You had to put solar panels on top of a boat of your creation. Our materials were wood and plastic containers. My boat was made of pieces of cardboard and milk bottles. Most boats that went straight were soon turned around because of wind and turned slowly. My boat was straight and turned when it was just nearing the end. I learned that even weight and wind were important in making the boat go straight and stay afloat.


And bottle rockets. The materials were tennis balls, bottles, tape and cardboard. There was a strict way to make them. Tape a ball on the end of the bottle, then put extra tape around them to stable it, then you had to create fins from cardboard and see if it works. We blasted them off a pressure launcher and saw how important good positioned fins were. Most of the failed rockets were due to the fins.