My Crown Trip!

crown-metropol-pool-resized-482x298 crown-metropol_4In week two of our three week holiday on the Thursday I went to crown metropole and I stayed the night there with my friend. It was her birthday. we went to a lint café and  little did I know that her mum had planned a surprise cake made from real lint chocolate. it had a thin biscuity cake as a round base but resting on top were two scoops of ice-cream. you couldn’t see the ice-cream because a chocolate dome was covering it. it was really shiny and sweet. I didn’t know what the chocolate would of been like though because  when you poured the boiling hot dark chocolate sauce on the dome it melts and reveals the ice-cream and now the ice-cream was coated in melted milk chocolate. although all that was nice, I didn’t know what sort of horror would happen after I left.

A few  days later I was eating breakfast and the news was on in the background. the latest stories just popped up on the screen. CROWN METROPOLE MURDER came up on the TV. I was so taken aback and felt so weird I don’t know how to explain it. I couldn’t eat any more. I wondered why no one told me. I still cant believe that something like that would happen to a place I trusted to keep me safe. I’ve been there every year for her birthday.  I guess that it wasn’t that bad but it felt like it at the time.

What did you do on your holidays?