Rube Goldberg machine Exhibition!

Today on the 18th of June, all the year 5 students held an exhibition for our now finished and documented rube goldberg machines. My group’s machine had the task to get jaffas into a lolly jar. I was surprised with how many successes we had and I loved showing the younger   and older children our machine. We held it in the mezz. The exhibition went from 8.00 to 11.00.


I learned that if you persist and never stop trying no matter how hard the task is or was, then it is bound to turn out good, if no one except you is working in your group, then it is more frustrating and harder than it would of been.IMG_5046

Lego Education Day!!!

IMG_0006On Tuesday the 17th of June, we had an excursion to the Lego education Centre and the ladies that work there took us through three hours of activities divided into three different sections on different things. I was excited to learn more about Lego. My favorite section was the robot programing section. It was my favorite because it was fun, I learned the most from it and I enjoyed it more than the others. We had to program a robot and name it as our first step. My group named our robot SACRED STEVE because it was funny and original. We had to program it to move forward however many spins of the wheels as it needs and made it go back again, now with the rocket attached to the magnet. our first attempt was 10 rolls but after Sacred Steve got the rocket, he fell off the table! our second attempt was 7 rolls and it worked! then we made it go 7 rolls backwards and when the rocket attached to the magnet, it snored!


I learned how easy it was to program the robots and that when you don’t get something right, you try till you do and the calculation of the robots distance to move is by spins of the wheels! It was hard because if something very small goes wrong, then the whole program is ruined.