My Rube Goldberg Project

cub_simp_machines_lesson05_figure1In D.T.F lately we have being making Rube Goldberg machines. They are a series of complicated chain reactions to do one simple task. This picture is an example. In my group were Harriett, Prudence, Samantha and me.
My group’s machine has four different simple machines because one of the rules were that you had to have the same amount of simple machines as the people in your group. My simple machines were an inclined plane (a ramp), a lever, wheels and axles. Our group machine is attempting to smash a jar of lollies.Though we haven’t finished the task yet, our machines are looking great!WIN_20150515_124936

Versing Montpellier

Today we were versing Montpellier in a netball game in sport. We lost by 15 but it was still fun! I was positioned as goal keeper,  wing attack, wing defense, and the other two I was off. I only did one game and it ran from 1.20 to 2.45. I really enjoyed the netball game because it was fun and excising.

The Winter Sports Carnival

On Thursday the 16th of April we had our sports carnival. We were competing with the other schools in the district. My sports was volley stars but my first choice was netball. I couldn’t do netball because there were too many people wanting to do it. They could only have a minimal number of people in the team.

I won most of my games and we were close to coming second overall. We moved around positions and I got a turn at serving. It was confusing because in some games the referee would let us do an over head pass and in others we couldn’t. It was a good way to exercise and a great way to spend the afternoon.