Week 8 (last post of the term)


today was the last create day of the term🥺

sadly Chloe was not here so it was just me and charlotte. today we finished on doing our air colour sensor. first we made our program charlotte did most of it because i was taking photos and working on my blog. you set the thing to colourless then you do forward and press play. it was really fun to make little programs too.

to end robotics we did a recommendation on us and our team mates it was fun to see what your friends wrote about you. personally my mates are perfect but there are things they could work on. like Chloe could code more and charlotte could take more photos.

well that’s the end of robotics


week 7


today me Chloe and charlotte got to use the colour sensor, it makes the robot stop, turn and repeat when it sees a particular colour or shade. So you grab a piece of paper it can be red, green, blue, yellow, brown, black or white or even no colour (like air) the you use the colour sensor select your colour and put in a move at the end a you’ve done it .it took us forever to make the program but after a while it finally worked. here is the video of Karen doing it.



after we completed the colour challenge we moved on to the follow the square challenge, basically you get a square piece of paper or a box and in our case a pop it (a honey come thing that makes a pop). then you program the robot to go around it. we completed very fast. we used port view and a ruler and repeat on our program.  but sadly i don’t have a video to show you :(. maybe next week.

finally we worked on our last challenge which was the line follower. basically you do is get a piece of black sticky tape and put it on a white surface. then you use the colour sensor and switch the colour to black. then make it do something different, then you press go. here is a video of Karen doing it.


hope you liked it

see you next week.:)

week 6

hello world

As you might of seen I was ill last week so that is why we did not post. But fast forward to today we are putting motion sensors on Karen. So far it has not worked so well but maybe soon we can make it work, and if we do we can do our next challenge.

fast forward a couple minutes we’ve sort of kind of got it to work. It stops at a wall but not at our hand. It could be the program or the robot. hopefully we can make it work soon, but it is at least better than before. but for now I think I will just work on my blog.

good bye:)

Robot week 3 :)

today me and charlotte tried to upload every thing on our robot, i took forever but we got most of it done. Chloe was not here today, so we cant upload her programs. we started challenge 3 (turning) but we got carried away by our robot. we renamed it Karen cause Potato bob was boring. soon after we changed the name we di some robot sumo fight with Maddy’s robot. it was fun to fight with our robots because we were able to experiment with new moves and programs. maybe soon we can do robot fight as a task. once we had finished goofing around we got started on task three, but soon after we got back on track our robot died. we put it back on cage and just walked around with harper. i cant wait for robotics next week!

(this is a old photo i thought i would share, I’m the one with brown hair, Chloe’s at the front and the other one is Charlotte.)

day 2 robotics

HE MOVED!!!!!!!!

Mr McKie did a update on potato bob. we tried to make him move (again) and finally he moved! we were soo happy.

later we caught up on all the tasks, it got really challenging over time but we did task 1 and we were working on task 2.

but when we came back from lunch everything restarted!:( sadly we had to pack up after lunch so we could not upload our stuff again.


day 1!!!! robotics

Today we had our first robotics lesson! i got put in a group with my bff’s charlotte and Chloe. fist we built our robot. it was really hard to find most of the small pieces because fifty people were digging around the tub and kept moving it. it took forever to make but when we did finally make it. he would not move! it was sad cause we basically just sat there and pressed buttons. but Mr McKie it going to update him tonight!

Hello world!

hi im Eva

This is my blog. i will post again soon. but in the meantime…

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